The Strip Clip


Short, cold winter days reduce many of us to weekend-only riding. If that’s your situation, this strip clip might work for you and your horse.

Remove hair only in a thin strip from the horse’s jowl down the underside of his neck and under his chest. Only go as far here as needed; you can stop just at the girth area or continue the clip under and along his belly.

An illustration of a strip clip on a horse

Partial Clip: The Strip Clip





You can also take this clip one step further, clipping a large triangle from his neck to his flank. You’ll remove all the hair under his belly this way, plus you’ll trim hair from the lower part of his shoulder, as well.

This clip leaves hair everywhere a horse needs it most—along his back, flanks, head and upper neck. Your horse would probably do nicely and continue to live outdoors with just one medium weight stable (for indoors) or turnout blanket to protect his naked areas.

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