HorseChannel’s Online Bit Guide: Weymouth

Weymouth curb bit
Saddle seat double bridle

Weymouth: The weymouth is an English leverage bit. It is the curb bit component of the double bridle used in saddle seat riding and on upper level dressage horses.

  • The Weymouth looks similar to a pelham, but it features only one bit ring (at the bottom of the shank) and therefore operates with only one rein.
  • It’s available in several mouthpiece configurations, particularly various ports.
  • When part of a double bridle, the Weymouth is adjusted slightly lower in the horse’s mouth than the separate bradoon or snaffle component.

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  1. Good info for beginers, but remember that that bit may not correct any problems yo have with the horse it may just need more training.

  2. The double is usually used for shows, and practicing. The double is higher up and usually, with it having the two bits its alot stronger.


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