2007 FEI World Cup Finals Results


Final results:

Show Jumping
1. Beat Mändli (SUI) riding Ideo Du Thot
2. Daniel Deusser (GER) riding Air Jordan Z
3. Markus Beerbaum (GER) riding Leena
4. Steve Guerdat (SUI) riding Tresor
5. Marcus Ehning (GER) riding Gitania 8
6. A. Pollmann (GER) riding Candy
7. Christian Ahlmann (GER) riding Cöster
8. McLain Ward (USA) riding Sapphire
9. Marco Kutscher (GER) riding Cash
10. M. Baryard-Johnsson (SWE) riding Butterfly Flip

16. Lauren Hough (USA) riding Casadora
17. Margie Goldstein-Engle (USA) riding Quervo Gold
18. Kate Levy (USA) riding Vent Du Nord
19. Molly Ash (USA) riding Kroon Gravin
20. Mandy Porter (USA) riding Summer
21. Schuyler Riley (USA) riding Ilian

23. Richard Spooner (USA) riding Cristallo
24. C. Tribble McCrea (USA) riding Promised Land

29. Jill Humphrey (USA) riding Kaskaya

36. Rich Fellers (USA) riding Gyro

39. Beezie Madden (USA) riding Authentic

Dressage Grand Prix
1. 74.791%  Isabell Werth (GER) riding Warum Nicht FRH
2. 72.875% Steffen Peters (USA) riding Floriano
3. 71.708% Kyra Kyrkland (FIN) riding Max
4. 71.708% Imke (NED) riding Sunrise
5. 71.625% Jan Brink (SWE) riding Briar 899
6. 70.750% Tinne Vilhelmson (SWE) riding Solos Carex
7. 68.083% Edward Gal (NED) riding Geldnet I.P.S.
8. 67.833% Courtney King (USA) riding Idocus
9. 66.750% Catherine Haddad (USA) riding Maximus JSS
10. 64.541% Iryna Lis (BLR) riding Problesk

11. 64.000% Leslie Morse (USA) riding Tip Top 962

Dressage Grand Prix Kür
1. 84.250% Isabell Werth (GER) riding Warum Nicht FRH
2. 77.950% Imke Schellekens-Bartels (NED) riding Sunrise
3. 77.800% Steffen Peters (USA) riding Floriano
4. 77.500% Kyra Kyrkland (FIN) riding Max
5. 76.450% Jan Brink (SWE) riding Briar 899
6. 73.200% Courtney King (USA) riding Idocus
7. 69.650% Catherine Haddad (USA) riding Maximus JSS
8. 68.850% Iryna Lis (BLR) riding Problesk
9. 68.050% Marlies Van Baalen (NED) riding BMC Kigali
10. 65.850% Leslie Morse (USA) riding Tip Top 962

WCHR World Cup Team Hunter Challenge
1. Team USA (Scott Stewart, John French, Peter Pletcher, Louise Serio)
2. Team Europe (Christian Ahlmann-GER, Michael Whitaker-GBR, Marcus Ehning-GER, Rodrigo Pessoa-BRA)


  1. Thanks for posting this for all of the riders who sadly missed the airing on Animal Planet! Thankfully I saw it on AP, but I never saw the whole results!


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