Wound Care Chart

Product Antibacterial Use on minor cuts & scrapes Promotes drying Stops proud flesh
Aloe Vera* No Yes No No
Betadine Gel* Yes Yes No No
Betadine Scrub* Yes Yes, but rinse
Yes No
Betadine Solution* Yes Yes, but must
be diluted
Yes No
Blu-Kote To some extent Yes Yes No
Corona No Yes No No
Furall** Not very good Yes No No—promotes it
Fura-Zone** Not very good Yes No No—promotes it
Granulex V No No Yes Yes, label claims
Horseman’s Dream***** No Yes No No
Icthammol** No Yes No No
Neosporin* Yes Yes No No
Nolvasan* Yes Yes No No
Peroxide*** Yes, but needs No Yes No
Rubbing Alcohol**** long contact time No, stings Yes No
Wonder Dust To some extent No Yes No—promotes it

* Water-soluble products. These are best for minor wounds because of: antiseptic properties (except
Aloe Vera); air can penetrate the product; some have emollient properties. Their water solubility also
allows thorough and easy cleaning of the wound. Betadine Solution, however, must be diluted; used
at full strength it actually interferes with antibacterial properties and reduces wound healing. Betadine
Scrub must be thoroughly rinsed. Betadine products contain tamed iodine; never apply tincture of
iodine (7%) to a wound.

Downloadable Wound Care Chart
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** Petroleum-based products. These are most useful for superficial scrapes and as emollients, but
should not be used to thwart infection.

*** Peroxide causes the microscopic blood vessels around the wound to recede, thereby limiting healing.
Peroxide is not the best choice in wound care for horse skin.

**** Rubbing alcohol requires about 10 minutes contact time to kill off microorganisms, and it stings
badly when applied to an open skin wound. Limited first-aid value.

***** Horseman’s Dream contains Aloe and Vitamin E; good for minor wound care.


  1. I will most certainly print this out and hang it in my barn. I did not know that many of the listed products either promoted proud flesh or were not antimocrobial. Thank you for the article. BTW, Betadine may not stop proud flesh, but, for me, it has been a must-have at my barn for its excelent antimicrobial properties. I need to get more. In the mean time, I’ll stay away from Wonder Dust (he he he).


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