Question of the Week: A dusty winter coat

 Black Morgan horse
Morgan mare Rum Brook Immortal Waltz stays shiny with ShowSheen. Photo: Andy Illes

Q: I have a jet-black horse, and when he’s clean, his coat is the envy of the barn. But when he gets the tiniest bit of dust on him, it’s very visible on his dark coat. In the winter, dust seems to cling to his coat. No matter how much I brush, the dirt just comes back and makes him look dull and brown. How can I keep his winter coat shiny and dust-free for schooling shows and clinics?

A: If you’ve ever had a black car or truck, let alone a black horse, you know how difficult it can be to deal with dust. Use a hair polish such as ShowSheen on your horse’s entire coat. It really repels dust and dirt, and keeps working for several days. Simply give your horse a good grooming to remove as much dust and dirt as possible, then spray ShowSheen over the body (being careful to always skip the saddle area so it doesn’t get too slippery.) Wipe your horse down with a clean towel or your hands, rubbing in the direction of the hair. Now stand back and admire the shine! This will last for several days, so any dust and dirt that dares to land on your horse will brush or towel away easily. Personally, I find using ShowSheen once or twice a week is perfect for my black mare.

–Molly O’Brien

Molly O’Brien works in the marketing department at W. F. Young, Inc., the maker of Absorbine products. She is a lifelong horse owner, and currently owns two Morgan mares – a retired 26-year-old and a five-year-old, with whom she competes at Morgan shows in the New England area.

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  1. Great idea!! I also own a black pony who had been “naked” all Winter, so had a good layer or two of dirt… bit the bullet last week and he had his first bath since Feb… boy was he dirty. He has finished dropping his winter coat now, so is a bit easier to keep “clean”. Will try a coat spray too. 🙂

  2. We’ve found that getting dust off my daughter’s black horse we use a very soft bristled finishing brush that just flicks the dust off and makes her coat shine.

  3. I too wonder what lasting effects continuous use has on the hide??? I know it works, I have seen it but there’s always that ‘but’. Plus, at below freezing temps, I am not going to get our horses any wetter than the snow already has.

  4. I highly suggest Ecolicious products, as they are all natural and I do not worry a bit about applying it everyday to my horse, since there are no chemicals in it! It works very well too, not only making them shine but it conditions the coat for a healthy look. They have a website.


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