Question of the Week: Farrier School


Q: My son is interested in becoming a farrier. How can he find a school or apprenticeship program where he can learn the trade?

A: The American Farriers’ Association, which offers its own certification program, is the best place to start. Members of the AFA can search for certified farriers in their area, providing a great way to network. In addition to its trade magazine, Professional Farrier, the AFA publishes a newsletter and certification guide. The organization also holds an annual convention, offering lectures, demonstrations, clinics and more.

The Farrier & Hoofcare Resource Center has lists of schools and other educational resources, and it’s likely that your state has its own farrier association that can offer guidance as well.

Additional Resources:
American Farriers Journal (
Anvil Magazine–offers a guide to farrier organizations and schools (
Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association (

–Kimberly Abbott

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  1. just wanted to say a farrier school collage is meredith manor in west virgina thats were i am going but its not only a farrier school its also a good choice for somone who wants to bring there horse to collage.


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