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    Pat Parelli's career with horses is one rich with experiencePat Parelli
    Born in California, Pat Parelli’s equestrian career is diverse, from professional rodeo bronc riding to presenting before Her Majesty the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace.

    During his early years as a trainer, Pat found that horses were easy to train; the challenge was teaching people. He knew he had to find a way to help people (who typically lacked horsemanship skills and understanding) become savvier with horses.
    In 1981 Pat developed a system of natural horsemanship using psychology and communication—keys that allow people to be successful with horses without fear, force or intimidation.

    Today his progressive program has been lauded worldwide by horsemen of all disciplines and skill levels. The program includes levels of horsemanship achieved through home study material, clinics taught by Parelli Licensed Instructors and two-week courses at the Parelli Centers.

    Hailed as a master horseman, Pat Parelli can be seen weekly on RFD-TV. Pat and his program are featured in magazines worldwide. 

    Linda Parelli actually met her husband through taking his classesLinda Parelli
    Born in Singapore, Linda Parelli moved to Australia when she was 12 and was introduced to dressage.
    In a tack store one day, Linda noticed video of a cowboy.  As he executed perfect flying lead changes, slide stops and spins—a picture of total harmony—Linda realized that this cowboy, Pat Parelli, was riding bridleless.
    Linda signed up for Pat’s clinic right away and got immediate, positive results with Regalo, a dangerous horse who had challenged her for years. Linda began to promote Parelli clinics in Australia, and a few years later the dressage rider and the cowboy married.

    Today she stars in Parelli tour presentations and the Parelli RFD television shows. She also teaches courses at the Parelli Centers, and produces much of the Parelli written material and educational systems.

    Linda and Pat live at the Parelli Centers in Pagosa Springs, Colo., and Ocala, Fla.


    1. I think this is great. I have been following the Parrellis since I first got my mustang Navada in 94. I had his leadrope in one hand and Mr. Pats book in the other. Navada has never bucked, reared, and has always been my pal. I don’t recomend your first horse be an untrained mustang though!!! It worked for me because I had help nearby and he is the gentlest soul I have ever met. The first promise I made him was he would not be sold or hurt. Thanks to the Parellis teaching there is no reason to think he would have to be. We both love the games we play.

    2. Awesome! It’s wonderful to have such great experts as Pat and Linda Parelli here on the Horse Channel! They ROCK! Good move, to have this savvy, fun and knowledgable team give advice. Kudos to YOU! The advice is simple, pratical and it makes so much sense – best of all, it really works! I hope you’ll keep them on as resident experts from now on…..

    3. Since I first saw Pat and Linda at Equine Affaire and bought their Level 1 home study program I have been obsessed with their training methods. Their natural way of playing with horses just makes sense to me. If someone wants a close, bonding relationship with their horse then they really should try the Parelli program. I am so glad to see their advise put on this site. I hope they can become regular advisors. I value their knowledge and I hope others will, too.

    4. Pat and Linda Parelli are the greatest. Their program is the best for all learners. I have had more results from the Parelli program than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for having them as experts.

    5. My boyfriend and I love your showes on RFD TV. We would like to know what breed Pedro is. We both had horses growing up. Some day we would like to get one or tw0 again. You both do a good job. Please keep it up. Merinda and William.

    6. Hi,
      I just wanted you to know that i have just started your level 1 program and i realized that i have been doing the same this subconsicously with my horses for the past 5 years. I have watched their interactions and responses to eachother and incorperated it into my relationship with my horse. Now all i have to learn is how to play the games and my horse and i will be talking fluently! Thanks!

    7. I have only seen them one time, at the Equine Affair in Columbus. And I was amazed at their horses. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It truly was amazing, I have nothing but admiration for them.

    8. I adore both Pat and Linda. It is always a blast to get to see them at the tour dates. They didn’t come to my area last year and aren’t scheduled this year so I am saving to make the trip to the one in Florida later this fall. I have learned a lot from them and am a member of the savy club. My horse responds very well to their methods and enjoys our sessions a lot. They are great and you don’t have to ride to have fun. Matter of fact, it’s quite ok to have fun on the ground. My mustang is rideable (and gaited) but I have veritgo and like my own 2 feet. It doesn’t hurt to fall that way!!!

    9. they are very helpful and my horse greets me at gate enstead of her but now . we have a better relationship from before. its worth anything to try!

    10. Hi, my name is Hannah and i am almost 13 years old. i’ve been riding for about 6 years. About 2 years ago my riding instructor introduced me to the Pat Parelli methode, and I LOVE it. Recently I had the privlige of meeting Linda Parelli in Littlerock Akansas on their USA tour. I’m a Parelli nut and I’m trying to get my level 1. I really enjoyed the artical. I love learning more about Pat and Linda Parelli and their methode every time I get a chance. Thanks.


    11. I love Pat and Linda Parelli, they have changed my life. I used to be mean to my horse instead of listening to them, and thank you so much Pat and Linda

    12. I think that Linda and Pat Parelli have so much to offer the horse world. They already have done so much to make horses and humans better friends and partners. I have bought Level 1 parelli kit off their website and I have followed in their footsteps and I just one little insignificant girl in the horse world use parelli to mine and my horses benifit.

    13. I love the Parelli program! Simple steps that challenege both human and horse, but the end result is an everlasting friendship that no other program can give! Not a normal training routine that gets boring after a while, but the building blocks to unlock not just your horse’s potential, but yours as well! If you get stuck and need help the savvy club and Parelli professionals are ALWAYS willing to help! This program is excellent for any level of horsemanship and works for anyone whom wants to accelerate their relationship and horsemanship to a higher level and savvy!

    14. is there anyone out there who doesnt like it? i mean its ok but it really works against me in the type of riding i do but my favorite thing is my horse backs himself out o the trailer now but i dont like some of it. on the trails. but its ok. i like that my horse backs wen i wiggle the rope and stays in his own zone. he also lowers his head with a small amount of pressure

      Check out this video of Linda Parelli, as she abuses a horse who is blind in one eye. Shank, shank, jerk jerk, beat beat. This poor horse gets clobbered no matter what behaviour it attempts to display in an effort to appease her temper. No matter what way it turns, if it retreats, or comes close, it gets clobbered. I feel so sorry for it. Is this what these people are teaching beginners?

    16. The “savvy” string is the only Parelli tool that I think it worth it….the rest of the program is B.S it’s an expensive program to make your horse do tricks basically. Once your horse is at the last level, it’s fried and there is nothing else you can do with him.

    17. Parelli has helped thousands of people who were at the end of their rope learn to communicate with their horse with dignity and respect. If you’ve ever taken a serious look at the program you would know that. I personally know well over 100 people who use these methods with AMAZING results and have NEVER seen a horse “fried” at the last level. That’s ridiculous! Clearly the horse LOVES it too or it wouldn’t meet you at the gate EVERY day to ride like mine or all of my friend’s horses do!

    18. hi im amber im 10 my stallion is really big and scared to train and ride him.i dont know what to do.ive never cared for nor riden a horse before can you give me advice?

    19. this may not be about anything on this page but i have something to tell you pat and linda pareill Imo kiana bolognese and i own a wild mustang that my trainer says that he is not a good horse for a 13 year old girl that has ben rideing for 9 years and love horses and my reson for contacting you is that my trainer says that nova my mustang is going to need a new home and someone that will train him 7 days a week and i told him the only person i will give him up to is you so help me and please please take him please email me soon -kiana bolognese


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