Video: Lope Leads with John Lyons


I’m having trouble getting my horse to take the lead I want. Do you have any suggestions?

Watch this video to learn some easy maneuvers that will help you gain control of your horse’s body position so that you can request the lead you want.


  1. I could see how working on leads at slower speeds really could help you and your horse. I liked how J.L. used metaphors that helped people visualize what they were doing. He also presented it in a way that was non-intrusive, but more like he was giving friendly advice to a friend rather than trying to force it down anyone’s throat.

  2. This would be very,very hard to understand for an experienced beginner rider,so on a scale of 1-10 it would have a 5 for me.Yes,I do think John Lyons is a great horse person,it’s just that this video was a little bit harder to understand than the others.
    Horse Lover

  3. Good video. Though I still can’t get my mare to pick up her right lead if her life depended on it we work on those basics all the time and I know they are helping because she is getting stronger and more easily flexed on her right side. Moving her quarters around clockwise is getting better as well.

  4. this is kind of right. i always tip my horses nose to the inside and ask her to canter with my outside foot. and she picks up her right lead. but she then again is a push button pony soo yeah..

  5. I tried to watch the video and it says it is ready and then will not start. I have tried a few of the videos and none of them work. Please let me know what is wrong. I would like to watch the lope the leads. Thank you

  6. I didnt have any problem getting the video to play. I thought the video was good but can be alittle comfusing to a beginner or even an intermediate rider but if you watch closly and listen to what he is saying you can figure out what he is talking about. Also if you look close you can see that the rider is using his leg or spur to tell the horse to walk at a diaginal; even though he says not to use your leg. but at the same time every thing takes practise and if you dont work at it then you cant acomplish any thing. I have also found that every horse learns differintly and you can take what John says and make it work for you with out having to do exactly what he does or says. Every one has there own way of gettting a horse to do some thing. thanks for the video!

  7. Yes I definatly agree this video would not be for a beginner or advanced beginner (intermediate) it would be very confusing to understand. Everything does take practice and everyhorse is different. You just have to figure out what works for you horse.

  8. Love John Lyons, but that was a little confusing. The method I use, and I’ve gotten pretty quick results with my QH, is asking for a canter and putting gentle, steady pressure on the side you want the lead (ex. left lead = canter cue + pressure on left side). Heck, he ends up doing a beautiful flying lead change! Two birds with one stone.

  9. Nice video. Now if I can only get my daughter to watch it. She’s having a problem getting her 6 yr. old paint gelding to lope on the correct lead.

  10. I’ve never understood “leads”, “correct lead” or even the “lead we want”. I trust that the exercises are beneficial and will practice them, just not sure what they have to do with “correct” canter lead.


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