30 Best Horse Books

A list of 30 of the best classic horse books of all time.


Horse Books

Back in 2006, in honor of Horse Illustrated’s 30th year, the editors compiled a list of 30 favorite horse books. What’s your favorite horse-related novel or non-fiction book? Leave us a comment at the end and share your thoughts!

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Here are 30 great horse books.

Horse Book 30: Just Horses: Living With Horses In AmericaJust Horses: Living With Horses In America
By Margot Page
Beautiful images capture the spirit of the horse from quirky publisher Willow Creek Press.


Horse Book 28: Gypsy from NowhereGypsy From Nowhere
By Sharon Wagner
Wendy meets Gypsy, a filly who needs Wendy as much as Wendy needs her.


Horse Book 26: Happy HorsemanshipHappy Horsemanship
By Dorothy Henderson Pinch
This child’s guide to equitation, written from a horse’s point of view with charming, humorous illustrations.


Horse Book 24: Chestnut Mare BewareChestnut Mare Beware
By Jody Jaffe
Reporter Nattie Gold and her show hunter Brenda Starr take on a murder mystery exposé in Virginia hunt country.


Horse Book 22: Heads Up, Heels DownHeads Up, Heels Down
By C.W. Anderson
A classic introductory riding guide.


Horse Book 20: Saddle Club SeriesSaddle Club Series
By Bonnie Bryant
Horse-loving best friends share enough riding adventures at Pine Hollow to fill more than 100 books.


Horse Book 18: RidersRiders
By Jilly Cooper
File also under “trashy novel”—a guilty pleasure about show jumping, scandal and seduction.


Horse Book 16: Secretariat: The Making of a ChampionSecretariat:  The Making of a Champion
By William Nack
This 1975 biography of Triple Crown Winner Secretariat was updated in 2002.


Horse Book 14: Ride Like an Indian!Ride Like an Indian
By Henry V. Larom
Native American wisdom helps a pair of dude ranch misfits.


Horse Book 12: Hunter Seat EquitationHunter Seat Equitation
By George H. Morris
The Bible, written by the master of the sport.


Horse Book 10: National VelvetNational Velvet
By Enid Bagnold
A teenage girl wins a horse in a raffle, trains it, and rides it in the Grand National steeplechase.


Horse Book 8: The Black StallionThe Black Stallion
By Walter Farley
Shipwrecked on an island together, an Arabian horse and a boy bond.  Once rescued, they go on to win a match race against the top Thoroughbreds in the nation.


Horse Book 6: A Leg at Each CornerA Leg at Each Corner
By Norman Thelwell
Nothing is cuter, or more mischievous, than a Thelwell pony in the hilarious cartoon “guide to equitation.”


Horse Book 4: SeabiscuitSeabiscuit

By Laura Hillenbrand
Modern day masterpiece about the small colt who became an American racing legend when the country needed him most.


Horse Book 2: Misty of ChincoteagueMisty of Chincoteague
By Marguerite Henry
At the annual Pony Penning roundup, Misty becomes the beloved pet of two children and a beloved icon of horse loving children everywhere.



Horse Book 29: Summer PonySummer Pony
By Jean Slaughter Doty
Ginny brings a pony home for the summer, but shaggy, spotted Mokey is not the sleek show pony she envisioned.


Horse Book 27: A very Young RiderA Very Young Rider
By Jill Krementz
Who didn’t want to be Vivi Malloy in the ’70s?  Follow Vivi and her pony Ready Penny on the A-circuit, in photos.


Horse Book 25: Hank and ChloeHank and Chloe
By Jo-Ann Mapson
An urban modern western with romance between a hard-headed horsewoman and a mild-mannered professor.


Horse Book 23: The Stone PonyThe Stone Pony
By Patricia Calvert
JoBeth spends time with her late sister’s horse, Riono, and learns she and her sister weren’t as different as she thought.


Horse Book 21: Klimke on DressageKlimke on Dressage
By Reiner Klimke
The master of dressage illustrates the ideal development of a horse through the levels.


Horse Book 19: Horse HeavenHorse Heaven
By Jane Smiley
This character-driven novel takes the reader on a wild ride from California to Kentucky to Paris with the high stakes game of horse racing.


Horse Book 17: Old Bones the Wonder HorseOld Bones the Wonder Horse
By Mildred Mastin Pace
The true story of 1918 Kentucky Derby winner Exterminator.


Horse Book 15: The HorsemastersThe Horsemasters
By Don Stanford
A group of young riders pursue British Horse Society certification in England and bond over the grueling experience


Horse Book 13: Odds AgainstOdds Against
By Dick Francis
We selected this one for its hero, the one handed jockey turned private investigator Sid Halley.


Horse Book 11: Ruffian, Burning from the StartRuffian, Burning from the Start
By Jane Schwartz
The life and tragic end of the filly who captured America’s heart in the mid 1970s.


Horse Book 9: Smokey the CowhorseSmoky the Cowhorse
By Will James
Smoky survives the hardships of life on the range, partners up with cowboy Clint of the Rocking R Ranch, and even serves a brief stint as a rodeo bronc.


Horse Book 7: My Friend FlickaMy Friend Flicka
By Mary O’Hara
A young boy struggles to please his domineering father and finds solace in gaining the trust of a filly.


Horse Book 5: Centered RidingCentered Riding
By Sally Swift
Creative visualization for better riding.


Horse Book 3: True InstinctTrue Unity
By Tom Dorrance
The first and last word on natural horse training, from one of the men who started it all in modern times.


Horse Book 1: Black BeautyBlack Beauty
By Anna Sewell
Told straight from the horse’s mouth, Black Beauty’s tumultuous life in Victorian England. One of the first books to deal with the welfare of the horse.



  1. I loved it. I have atleast a third of the books, including the Saddle club series and the Black stallion series. Plus I have read many of the others.

  2. Colt by Nacy Springer is a 5 star ratted book 5 being the best it should be in the top 30 please conciter it here is some summarys

    From School Library Journal
    Grade 4-8– Colt’s story is launched with his trademark whine, “I don’t want to!” Handicapped with spina bifida, he resents how adults totally control him. He fearfully resists therapeutic horseback riding, but a few minutes on an Appaloosa named Liverwurst changes his life. The contrary Colt is a complex character, ruled by conflicting moods of anxiety, curiosity, and embarrassment about his condition. He feels helpless physically and emotionally when his mother remarries a man with two children. Riding gives him freedom and the opportunity to master a skill. He savors his newfound independence and fights to continue the risky sport, proving his mettle when he rescues his new stepbrother following an accident. In a matter-of-fact style, Springer transforms Colt from a grouchy victim to a likable boy. Despite a debilitating situation, he gains a passion for living. Readers will be affected by his triumphs and failures, changing their initial sympathy for Colt to admiration. Recommend this uplifting story to those who want “another” after Jodie’s Journey (HarperCollins, 1990) by Colin Thiele. –Charlene Strickland, formerly at Albuquerque Public Library , NM
    Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
    From Kirkus Reviews
    Colt, who has spina bifida, is introduced to riding in a special program for handicapped children. Reluctant at first, he soon learns that being on a horse not only strengthens his muscles but empowers him with new independence and courage, a better route to self-identity than his former brattiness. Meanwhile, his mother Audrey marries Brad, a gentle, sympathetic man with a teenage son (“Rosie”) and a daughter Colt’s age. What would normally be a minor incident–Colt’s mount jolts him when he starts to trot–is life-threatening for Colt, and Audrey reluctantly decides that the riding must stop. Colt becomes despondent, but then Brad comes up with an especially safe mount and the family agrees that, as Colt has pleaded, the rewards of his riding are worth the risks. Indeed–in a satisfying scene dramatizing how Colt can overcome his limitations, he rescues his stepbrother when the two are alone together and Rosie is injured. The plot here is familiar, the details concerning spina bifida obviously purposive. But Springer’s characters, striving to create a loving new family, come alive as exceptionally warm, nice people who try to solve their unavoidable problems without dissipating emotional energy in rivalries or self-pity. Sweet but not saccharine: a satisfying horse story with fine extra dimensions. (Fiction. 10-13) — Copyright ©1991, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
    Colt Vittorio has never run a race, or even walked down the street on his own. Colt has spina bifida, and sees the world from a wheelchair. Then his mother signs him up for a special riding program. “An excellent portrayal of a young person struggling with the emotional and social ramifications of a serious disease.”–Booklist. An IRA Young Adult’s Choice; Winner of the Joan Fassler Memorial Book Award.

  3. I am surprised that “Pamela and the Blue Mare” is not on here! I know copies of that book are very hard to come by, but it was the best book I ever read as a teeneager!!

  4. I think the top 2 books are the best, but thats probably because those are the only two I’ve read from the list.

  5. hi,
    i would think that chicken soup for the horselovers sole would be in the top 30 but i gess not. yeah well they are good books to i read most of them!!!!

  6. All of the books in the top 30 are wonderful.Only about half of them I have read before,but they all sound wonderful!!
    Horse Lover

  7. I haven’t read any of these books, but I am familar with a few of the stories. Mostly know them because they were turned into movies. I guest you can tell that a book is really good if they turn it into a movie!

  8. One book that should be one here is “the man who listens to horse,” I was writen by Monty Roberts. a really famous horse trainer that i really look up to and if you read the book you’ll under stand why it should be one here..

  9. I have read some of the books in the top 30 list and yes i did enjoy them although i know of one other book that should defintly be in this count down and that book is sundance by shelly peterson
    you should look into it, i think it was one of the best books i read!

  10. What about “The Last Unicorn”? I know it’s not a “true” horse book, more like a mythical… but it’s a lovely and memorable story for all – young and old alike!

  11. I loved smokey the cwohorse it is a well written book. It is suspenceful and exciting and in some parts tear jerking! It is a great story for anyone and i give it a five star rating! You need to read this!

  12. i think that Hope Rising By Kim Meeder should be on the top 30 horse books. It’s about many childrens broken souls and abused horses and now they finally found a place where their safe. The author owns the ranch and helps mend their souls back.

  13. You should put the Phantom Stallion books on here! They are young adult, but EXTREMELY good! I am almost fourteen, 🙂 but I am a good judge of books, and i have tons of these! p.s. the chestnut hill books are also fun!

  14. Hey, Sarah and Elizabeth! Are you around my age? Sara, the Chestnut hill books AND the heartland books are great! Elizabeth, I am soo with you in the Phantom stallion thing! I have the first four in the new phantom stallion series, too! You like? please put a “reply comment’ here!

  15. Let’s not forget the Billy and Blaze books by C.W. Anderson as well as the Golden Stallion books by Rutherford Montgomery. These are classics! 🙂

  16. Hi, I’m a book addict, (and a horse-a-holic too)!! My favorites that weren’t on the list are: Traveller, I Am the Great Horse, The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West, and Sweet William: Memoir of an Old Horse. Just like Black Beauty they are all told from the horse’s point of view. And if anyone is into fantasy there is a series with talking white horses. The first is “Arrows of the Queen.” Green Rider, Rider’s First Call, and The High Kings Tomb are all really good too.

  17. I think you should consider other books that are great. Such as “Choosen by a Horse” and the “Heartland” series.

  18. Oh yeah- and The Horses of Proud Spirit, Hope Rising, Chosen by a Horse, and of course my all time favorite -Virginia Gentleman: A True Story.

  19. I like all of those books but my favorites are the Phantom Stallion books they are so good they are by Terri Farley there are 24 books in the series check them out you wont be sorry!!!!

  20. Mirriam from WA I tottally agree Ilove any Book by lauren Brooke!!!!!!!!!!! My friend says Phantom Stallion rocks but I haven’t read them yet

  21. Sarah from Va. If you like Heartland
    (a.k.a. best series ever) you have to try Chesnut Hill, also by Lauren Brooke

  22. Sarah, I too love saddle club and black beauty!!!!!
    I have not read my friend flicka but have seen the movie, it is EXTREMLY good

  23. I think Horsefeathers and Thoroughbred should be on there too, but that’s ok. I love “My Friend Flicka”, “National Velevet”, “Saddle Club,” and “misty of Chincoteague”. I think some of the best horse books are the old ones.

  24. King of the Wind should have been on your list. Some of those books aren’t “good”, they, for some reason, just sold a lot of copies.

  25. I find a special place in my horsey heart for “Black Beauty”, “My Friend Flicka”, “The Saddle Club”, and all of the Margurite Henry books. Your book list has a few books I’ve never heard of before. Well, I can always dig deeper into the library!

  26. For anyone who LOVES horses the book “THE SOUL OF A HORSE” by Joe Camp is AMAZING!!!!!!! I LOVED it!!!
    Monty Roberts wit “The Man Who Listens to Horses” is good too!
    Other good series are “Phantom Stallion” “Heartland” and “Chestnut Hill”!!!!

  27. Happy to see Henry V. Larom listed. His 4 books MOUNTAIN PONY series had a huge influence on me, not only as a horse crazy kid, but as a catalyst in my becoming a writer – often of fiction with a horse slant. I’m in my mid-fifties now, but I still reread the MOUNTAIN PONY series at least once a year.

  28. Smoky the Cow horse is the best book I’ve ever read. It is a very mixed emotion story. Other good books are the Saddle Club, Phantom Stallion, and Black Stallion series.

  29. So many great horse books.
    A favorite of mine is Hope Rising. Stories from Crystal Peaks Youth ranch about rescued horses and rescued children.

  30. My most favorite book is Black Beauty. I love almost all of Marguerite Henry’s books! I didn’t care for the Hunter Seat Equitation book by George Morris. Blind Beauty, Skye Rider, The Christmas Spurs, & Shadow Horse are some really good books (I think I got the titles right. I haven’t read them in a long time.)

  31. I suggest “Riding Lessons” by Sara Gruen. I read it a couple of years back and I still love the book. Its a really good booke

  32. I think horse lovers should read “The Horses of Proud Spirit” and “Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit” by Melanie Sue Bowles. All proceeds from the sale of the books go to helping the horses at the Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary.

  33. I love the book misty of chincoteague and the book
    my friend flicka they are my favorite books. iam horse crazy i love those books.

  34. i love the saddle club, misty of chincoteage and black beauty. I am a huge horse lover my favorite is the saddle club. I am at number 45

  35. About Flicka, I have the exact same copy, great book, not enought is said about it though. I think they could re-phrase what is said about it, and it is a book for ANY horselover!

  36. For those who enjoy a quick mystery read, Laura Crum writes a fun novel. Her main character is an independent equine vet who gets involved as an amateur sleuth. They involve lots of horse situations and scenes. My favorite one is Slickrock. PS she also gardens.

  37. I defiantly recommend Sara Gruens riding lessons and its sequel, flying changes. Ive read both countless times and i still love them! actually, i think i might just go read them again right now lol. I read flying changes in 5 hours it pulled me in so fast!

  38. I have 5/30 of these books. I don’t have the 1st Edition of Hunter Seat Equitation (by George Morris), but I do have the 2nd Edition.

  39. Smokey the Cowhorse is THE best horse book ever. it really shows the real meaning betweeen horse and human. It is absolutly beutiful and I HIGHLY recomend it.

  40. surprised dorothy lyons isnt here, she had great books. does anyone know title or author of book in 70 about gabrielle, and friend from arabian, horseshows, boys etc? would like to track this book down thanks


  42. i think misty should be number one, it is my fav horse book. margerite henry wrote some other good horse books to, so check em out. theyre more kids bboks though.

    King of the Wind
    Brighty of the Grand Canyon
    Misty of Chincoteague
    Stormy, Misty’s foal
    Sea Star, orphan of Chincoteague
    Misty’s Twilight
    Misty: the wonder pony, by Misty herself
    White Stallion of Lipizza
    Justin Morgan had a Horse
    Black Gold
    Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West
    San Domingo, The Medicine Hat Stallion
    MARSHA HUBLER’S BOOKS: (Keystone Stables)
    1. A Horse to Love / The trouble with Skye
    2. On the Victory Trail / A true test for Skye
    3. Southern Belle’s Special Gift / Trouble Times 2
    4. Summer Camp Adventure / Teamwork at Camp Tioga
    5. Leading the Way / The Winning Summer
    6. Blue Ribbon Champ / Skye’s Final Test
    7. Whispering Hope
    8. Long Ride Home
    Phantom Stallion
    Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island
    The Black Stallion series (20 some books!)
    The Island Stallion (same website as the black stallion)
    Canterwood Crest series
    Winnie The Horse Gentler (http://www.winniethehorsegentler.com/default2.asp)
    Starlight Animal Rescue (http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_b_0_13?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=starlight+animal+rescue+series&sprefix=Starlight+Ani)
    Hoofbeats: Lara, Katie, Silence, Marget.
    Tack: How to Choose it, and Use it

  44. Walter Farley could have 30 top books by himself! I think I read all of them! I have read many of the books represented in this list when I was younger. It was one of my favorite pastimes besides being with my horse.

  45. hey i wqant u to put war horse and the most beautiful in the world because anyone who loves horses will love these books and i bet that anyone or almost evreyone who reads this loves horses and u will love these books please please please read these books

  46. the thoroghbred series, heartland series, I am the great horse, sundancer, and old books by C.W. andersen and gay darius should’ve been on here.

  47. why is Black Beauty last? along with Misty of Chincoteague! i did book reports on both. also, there’s a new series called canterwood crest. they r great if u like teen books and horses and drama. heartland is great 2!

  48. Black Beauty is my favorite of all time! When I was younger the Heartland series and the Chestnut Hill series were my fav.! I still get them out and read them to this day!

  49. Your missing some of the best by not listing the Bonnie Books by Barbara Van Tuyl
    The Sweet Running Filly
    A Horse Called Bonnie
    Subbonnet: Filly of the year
    Bonnie and the Haunted Farm
    The Betrayal of Bonnie

  50. I think that the heartland series should be on there! They were my favorties books when I was younger. I still get them out and read them to this day!

  51. Anyone who loves mustangs should read Terry Farley’s The Phantom Stallion. From the Nevada dessert to Hawaii, my nieces love these books.

  52. I’ve just read The Heart of Horses by Molly Gloss -a historical fiction about a young woman who used natural training methods before it was fashionable. Another on my “to read” list is Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel by Jeannette Walls, which was on the NY Times top 10 of 2009.

  53. I think the best horse books are the Heartland series books by Lauren Brooks. The series is 20 books and 2 special editions. They tell the story of a girl who’s mom died and she is left in charge of the family owned horse rescue and rehabilitation farm. She has to deal with boys, school, and learn how to train different types of horses that come to the farm.

  54. canterwood crest books. they r so good!!! u should really read them. they have tons of stuff about horses boys and drama!!! it rox!!

  55. I enjoyed the Thoroughbred series by Joanna Campbell about raising, training and riding racehorses. Sara Gruen’s Flying Changes and Riding Lessons were great too. My most favorite is Mercedes Lackey’s Companion series filled with magical horses that bond to you for life.

  56. I LOVE the Heartland series by Lauren Brooke! It says alot about natural horsemanship and stuff like that. I think it is one of the best! I also like Canterwood Crest.

  57. I agree that heartland books are REALLY Good! I also love Saddle club. Winnie the Horse Gentler is pretty good too!

  58. I read the book “Black Beauty”. It was great!!! I liked it so much i could not put it down and I read the whole book in 1 day!!

  59. Regarding #9, Smokey the Cowhorse.
    As I remember, having read this book as a young boy, it was a two or three volume set. Can anyone
    confirm this?

  60. Don’t forget Indian Paint by Glen Balch — a grat story about how a young boy, LIttle Falcon, finally tames the beautiful wild stallion Shadow.

  61. these are all great classics, but what about the new horse books?? there’s alot of them. there’s Canterwood Crest (has MANY fans), and breyer (model horses)has begun writing books too.

  62. I’ve read about half of these books, my all-time favorite it the Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. I am just finishing up the last few books!

  63. I have enjoyed many of these books, and others by the same authors. You could make a list of 300 and not get all the great horse books that have been written. I like the stories about real horses and here are a couple of good oldies for those who would like to read good stories – “Snowman” about the great jumper that was bought from a killer’s truck. and “Miles to Go” about the great Polish Arabian stallion’s life from WWII Poland to the US.
    One other book (or set) is “Equus” by Robert Vavra, which has beautiful pictures as does all his horse books.

  64. You missed a really great one – Fly-By-Night! Great story of a young girl and her first pony, and the sacrifices and struggles she tackles in order to get and keep him. A great study in human relationships also, and how all our lives are interconnected, and how we can never know what another’s life is like.

  65. I’m 54 years old and finally started horse back riding lessons.Better late than never!I think you should include a series of books called the Timber Trailer Riders.I still read them along with The Black Stallion series and my beloved Black Beauty

  66. BLACK BEAUTY can be read and reread over the decades; and it HAS changed the way horses are treated – probably ALL animals!

  67. I think if anyone reads “Mustang, Wild Spirit Of The West” by Marguerite Henry that they will fall in love with the main character in the book- Wild Horse Annie Oakley! It’s based on a true story and even though it’s hard to find the book- it’s well worth it! The hardcover is the best because it has some awesome color pictures of the mustangs- now I have to see if I still have that hardcover copy somewhere!

  68. i have read black beauty about 100 times it is so good , i am always reading it. it is so heart-toching and heart-warming, as well as sad. kat n maggie n cherokee xx.
    p.s. plz come visit maggie and cherokee , they have a hc. if you do plz leave a comment of vote!! xx

  69. I’ve read about half of your list and own about a third of them. In my opinion, however, the best horse story I ever read was “The Lady,” by Anne McCaffrey. Ms McCaffrey is very well known in the science fiction world, but she is also a horse woman. ISBN 0-345-33675-5 Great story!

  70. “Chosen by a Horse is the most touching, powerful true story about the horse/human bond that has ever been written. Unforgettable!

  71. I love this article because I was looking for some new horse books to buy and I think I might try and find some of these to read.

  72. “Horseplay” by Judy Reene Singer is my all-time favorite horse book. Hilarious and fun, but written for us horsewomen rather than horse-crazy girls. It doesn’t have the cheesiness some of the horse books for younger audiences have.

  73. Riders is certainly not a “trashy” book. It is exceptionally well written with characters you come to love and wish they were living people. Jilly has the ability to make you cry and even better, to laugh out loud, which is truly the mark of an exceptional writer!!!
    Do yourself a huge favour and read this series.

  74. Black Beauty is timeless. Same mistreatment of horses is still prevalent today. Fortunately, there is also the revers. Some lucky horses live in the lap of luxury. Also with improved vet care and owner knowledge horses are staying more useful and healthy into their 30’s.

  75. You need to add the Beautiful Jim Key the lost history of a horse and a man who changed the world!
    by Mim Eichler Rivas
    Rich with spellbinding historical detail of an extraordinary horse and his pioneering trainer who captured the hearts of Americans at the dawn of the twentieth century.

  76. Another must read is Bev Pettersen’s Jockeys and Jewels. It just came out and I LOVED it. Especially for horse racing fans but it’s a wonderful book for all horse lovers.

  77. “The A Circuit” by Georgina Bloomberg, which came out not long ago, is an excellent read. For those who a little to old to read the Saddle Club. One of my favorite books!

  78. A Horse to Remember by Juliana Hutchings is my favorite book ever 🙂 it’s so good I gave it to all of my friends to read and we love it. And the author was 14 when she wrote it!

  79. Some series I have enjoyed over the years are:
    Canterwood Crest (by Jessica Burkhart)
    Heartland (by Lauren Brooke)
    The Phantom Stallion (by Terri Farley)
    Wild Horse Island (the sequel to The Phantom Stallion series, also by Terri Farley)
    Chestnut Hill (by Lauren Brooke)
    The Black Stallion, The Black Stallion’s Ghost, and Son of the Black Stallion (and all the other books by Walter Farley)
    Golden Filly Series (by Laurane Snelling)
    High Hurdles (by Lauraine Snelling)
    …. and thats all the horsey book series I can think of right now that I’v read.

  80. YAY I am soooo glad to see Misty of Chincoteague on that list. I was going to be mad at horse channel if none of Marguerite Henry’s books were on there. :^D

  81. It looks as though you’ve covered all the real equine classics, but one of my most treasured horse books is Robert Vavra’s EQUUS -The Creation of a Horse. His photography is the most stunningly ideal I have ever seen…

  82. Some great books not listed but awesome to read! Paint the Wind by Pam Munoz-Ryan – Younger crowd The Pony Pals by Scholastic lots in the chapter series. If you ever owned a pony and hated to outgrow it, a must is Runaway Radish by Jesse Haas. The Lucky Foot Stable Series 1,2,3 by JoAnn S. Dawson. Christian horse stories? Keystone Stables books 1-6 by Marsha Hubler. And Christian adult horse story Stephen A. Bly Memories from a Dirt Road Town Triology , I could read this series every summer and never tire of it!! Enjoy!

  83. I’m trying to find a book I read when I was a kid, that I loved. It was about a foal that grew up in the wild with a family of deer, and learned to jump like one of them. He is taken in by a family and turned into a champion jumper.
    I thought it was called great heart, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Anybody have any ideas for me?

  84. A very useful book for anyone who looks after horses.
    Horse Temperature & vital signs.
    Points of horse & leg & hoof to explain to vet.
    Signs of when yourhorse might be sick.
    A list of first aid kit items
    And heaps of space to add your own notes.
    Know Your Horse – A Medical & First Aid Record Book
    ISBN 9780980683455 Author Monika Rodger.
    Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble. More info at
    http://www.livinghorses.com or
    http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/monika_rodger or
    A really handy book to have.

  85. This is a really good, varied list, but WHERE IS LYNN HALL?! She should be in the top 10, IMO, and she’s not even on the list. Terrible oversight!

  86. The following horse books are the only ones endorsed by the United States Hunter Jumper Association:
    Learning to Ride, Hunt, and Show – Gordon Wright.
    Hunter Seat Equitation – George Morris, Doubleday, 1985
    The Complete Guide to Hunter Seat Training, Showing and Judging – Anna White-Mullin, Trafalger Square, 2008
    One of these is one your 30 best books list, but the other two are not.

  87. I’m reading Seabiscuit right now and so far it’s really good.It’s so cool that he was a “claimer” and then became a champion:)

  88. You left off a great horse book – War Horse! Like Black Beauty, it’s told from the horse’s perspective. One of the best books I’ve ever read!

  89. not enough time to tell all the great horse stories that is not on here Snow Pony, the Heartland series, Georges and Jewels, a Good Horse and True Blue (also by Jane Smiley),Paint the Wind by Pam Munoz Ryan, A Horse To Remember by Juliana Hutchings, and a Horse of Her Own by Annie Wedekind an A Horse to Love by Nancy Springler

  90. Red Rock Ranch by Brittney Joy!! Along the same lines as Heartland & Canterwood Crest, but set on a cattle ranch in the west. Author really shows the bond between horse and rider — plus there is lots of action, drama, and a cowboy crush. Loved it!

  91. New release Ritzforg 127 is a great mystery for horse lovers. In the DF tradition of twisty mystery and lots of horses. Great read, hopefully it makes it to your top 30 list!

  92. You forgot the Canterwood Crest series, and the Crown Prince series, and the Timber Ridge Riders series! (And once my book gets finished, The Serenity Hill Equestrians!)

  93. Surprised to find that “King of the Wind” was not included as well. That is the first horse book that truly caught my attention and it has been a favorite of mine since I first read it as a little girl. A favorite out of ALL books I have read, not just horse books.

  94. Iv read all these books pulse more. I found all of them enjoyable and a good read. Tho my favorite books are from the Breyer Collection by Annie Wedekind. The 2 bet that she right where Smirah’s Ride and Wild Blue.

  95. You left out two terrific books: The Horse God Built (Lawrence Scanlan), about Secretariat; and Man o’ War: A Legend like Lightning (Dorothy Ours). These far outclass some of the books you list.

  96. Have you seen the Quincy the Horse Books? They are beautifully illustrated and have endearing stories for the young reader. I believe the author just came out with a new book this moth.

  97. Add “And Miles to Go: The Biography of a Great Arabian Horse, Witez II”. The Pre- and Post WW II history of the Polish Arabian and their import into America.

  98. Add “And Miles to Go: The Biography of a Great Arabian Horse, Witez II”. The Pre- and Post WW II history of the Polish Arabian and their import into America.

  99. Horseback Reads, which has a Facebook page, has just created a book club for horse-loving readers. Their first selection, for the month of November, is Falling For Eli: How I Lost Heart, Then Gained Hope Through the Love of a Singular Horse. I am the author and will participate in an online discussion with readers on Monday, Nov. 30. For more, please visit Horseback Reads on Facebook. Falling For Eli is available on Amazon.com, at your public library, or whoever books are sold. Please check out my website, fallingforeli.com, to read an excerpt. I’m proud of my book, and excited to be the first of many great horse books chosen by Horseback Reads!

  100. I would strongly recommend Last Chance Mustang as an addition to this list. It’s a fabulous animal/horse book about love, devotion, and commitment. The author is Mitchell Bornstein.

  101. If you really want to read a good story about a unique horse with a difference, funny, sad, cheeky, humorous with underlying messages. Acknowledged by Queen Elizabeth and Gai Waterhouse, Queen of Australia’s racing fraternity and other celebrities. I suggest, “Francis The Horse That Is,” Francis Goes To Europe,” and “Francis Goes To South America.”

  102. A book by Stacy Gregg called The Princess and the Foal.An amazing book.Normally I do NOT like princess things,but this book is an exception!An Arabic princess gets a foal for her birthday and the two create an amazing bond.Together they compete in a grueling competition against the Arabic mounted police as part of the Royal Stables team.But to know the rest you will have to read it?


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