30 Best Horse Songs


A young horse. Image used for an article about the best horse songs.

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Here are 30 great horse songs.


By Gino Vanelli
’70s Canadian crooner sings:
“Appaloosa, runnin’ wild in the dead of the night
Appaloosa, you’re the message of love and light.”
Crazy Horses
By Osmonds Bros.
Rock out in early ’70s with wild equines.
One Trick Pony
By Paul Simon
“He’s got one trick to last a lifetime, but that’s all a pony needs.”
By Kasey Chambers
“When I grow up I want a pony
I’m gonna ride her from dusk til dawn.”
Mr. Ed theme song

“A horse is a horse
Of Course, of course!”

Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
By U2
Not really about horses, but cool nonetheless.
Live Like Horses
By Elton John
“Someday we’ll live like horses
Free reign from your old iron fences.”
Pullin’ Back the Reins
Like closing the barn door after the horse is already out, pulling back on the reins does no good when what you’re looking for—in this case lost love—is already gone.
A Horse in the Country
By The Cowboy Junkies
Equestrian escapism at its finest, longing for the freedom to ride off into the sunset. “Someday we’ll saddle up, and the two of us will ride away.”
Let That Pony Run
By Pam Tillis
 “She got a divorce and a chestnut horse.”  It goes to show you can ride out heartbreak.
Back in the Saddle Again
By Gene Autry
Anyone who’s ever taken a fall knows this one all too well.
Pony Boy
By Bruce Springsteen
Who wouldn’t want to be the Boss’ hoss? “O’er the hills and through the trees/We’ll go ridin’ you and me.”
Strawberry Roan
By Marty Robbins
Country great sings: “I know there are ponies that I cannot ride/There’s some of them left, they haven’t all died.”
Wild Horses
By The Rolling Stones
While horses drag Garth, the Stones can’t be budged.
By Michael Martin Murphey
“She ran calling Wiiiiiiiiild -fire …” Dare you not to get this one stuck in your head.

Bring on the Dancing Horses
By Echo & the Bunnymen
Liverpool pop group tells us: “Bring on the dancing horses/Wherever they may roam.”
Beer for my Horses
By Toby Keith and Willie Nelson
Not what we’d recommend personally, but the guys say: “whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.”
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
By KT Tunstall
The new theme song for frustrated horse shoppers?  “I said no, no, you’re not the one for me.”
Run for the Roses
By Dan Fogelberg
As much a Derby Day classic as My Old Kentucky Home
Chestnut Mare
By The Byrds
Hard to catch? An elusive red-headed mare is “always alone, never with the herd”—one man’s yearning for a beautiful wild mare.
Heavy Horses
By Jethro Tull
Heavy Horses by Jethro Tull.
 A tribute to working draft horses, their “iron-clad feather-feet pounding the dust.”
Tennessee Stud
By Johnny Cash
“The Tennessee Stud was long and lean
The color of the sun and his eyes were green.”
Rider in the Rain
By Randy Newman
Wild Horses
By Prefab Sprout
Northern England pop group uses metaphors, “through the rails, I spied your pony tail …”

Three Horses
By Joan Baez
The three horses in this tune—white, red and black—represent the past, present and future.

The Old Gray Mare
I Ride an Old Paint
By Arlo Guthrie
A cowboy classic:
“Tie my bones to the saddle and turn our faces to the west
And we’ll ride the prairie we love best.”
Wild Horses
By Garth Brooks
“Wild horses just stay wild, and her heart is all I  break
Wild horses keep dragging me away.”
Commanche The Brave Horse
By Johnny Horton
Ode to the only survivor of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Horse With No Name
By America
We think this horse deserves a name by now! “la la la, la lalala, la la la …”


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  1. Beer for my horses kicks but(ha ha), in my opion. I think that it should have had a better place, plus I have never heard of some of the songs.

  2. thnaks for making a list of GREAT horse songs now i can listen to them i was always looking for good horse songs and could never find them! well thanks agian!

  3. One great horse song is a song I believe is entitled “Cheyenee” – Roy Rogers did a rendition of it where the chorus is : “Cheyenne, Cheyenne, I’m a leaving Cheyenne” and then the first verse begins: “My foot in the stirrup, my rein in my hand, goodbye old Paint, I’m a leaving Cheyenne”. While the song talks about leaving Cheyenne so much – the words also convey that the reason he will be missing Cheyenne is because of the horse he is leaving behind. I enjoy it because it provides an inspiring glimpse into the close relationship a man can have with his trusted friend, and co-worker.

  4. To Tim from Cleveland OH. That song is titled “Goodbye old Paint.” Just a different version/words by Roy Rogers. To the Editors: I guess I’ll have to buy all 30 songs now.

  5. Very interesting list, although I have not heard of all of these songs it makes me want to find them all just to give them a listen. Thanks for the list, add more things like this in the future.

  6. I only know 3 songs on the list. I wish I knew more of them because some of them sound like they would be good songs. I know a bunch of other horse songs that are not on here too.

  7. In the spirit of Christmas, how about the song “Jingle Bells” ! It talks about dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh.

  8. how come white horse by taylor swift,get off of my back in the spirit movie and this is where i belong also from the movie spirit r not on there???? emma,jasmine, and poppy

  9. I haven’t heard any of them, but I know a really good horse song by Natasha Bedingfield: Wild Horses (It was also in Flicka).

  10. I LLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE the song wildfire!!!! i dont know if its just me but when i here that song i just have to cry!!!! i also love the song tenneessee stud. once u get those in your head, good luck gettin em out!!! 🙂

  11. I feel that these songs are all older and this list needs to be updated a little bit. I also feel that Natasha Bedingfield’s song ‘Wild Horses’ should be included in this list.

  12. I think it is great to have a list of horse songs! You sirtenly do not hear them that often on the radio!!!! but I also think you missed a few great ones, like “Cow Girls Dont Cry” We need more country!!!!

  13. Wild horses song is hauntingly beautifully sung by of all people, Susan Boyle. I really enjoyed her range of vocals and the piano with the horse running was beautiful on utube.

  14. Hey where’s Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield? That song is beautiful and it’s definetly worth being in the top 30! I propose you add it 🙂
    Dannie ?

  15. I think Templeton Thompson’s “Girls and Horses” should be on this list! The song is actually about horses and the bond we girls have with them…horses aren’t just referred to metaphorically in this great song!

  16. Marie-Lynn Hammond’s “The Canadian (P’tit Cheval de Fer)” might be the best horse song I’ve ever heard. The traditional “Jackson and Jane” is right up there, ideally as sung by James Keelaghan. Trouble with many of these “top 30” is that they aren’t really about horses.

  17. For a few most will have never heard before, go to diamond-run-farm.com, click on music studio, and then look for the songs and their history, which will take you to my song files. The horse ones are on top. enjoy!

  18. Here is a fantastic horse song by the Charlie Daniels Band. It is an old one that you never here, but it is a good one…about a Black Stallion. The title is Caballo Diablo

  19. I personally believe ‘Comanche The Brave Horse’ should be number 1, But I’m chuffed JH and Comanche made at least number 3 🙂

  20. What about chris la’dukes “he rides the wild horses” or “The Ride” or Where Do Cowboys Go When They Die.
    happy traila
    save a horse ride a cowboy
    theres more

  21. Very good, however I am looking for a song that sounds like “Here Comes Papelone”, not sure of spelling, title etc,. I would appreciate it if you have any info or where there might be somewhere we could look.
    Thank you

  22. there was a song in the early 70s about a bred mare named Velvet who was bitten by a snake. I remember the song somewhat but not the band. The beginning went “Velvet was a very young mother mare to be…” HELP!! this is making me nuts. Can anyone else remember this song?

  23. Woah woah!! What!? Why isn’t wild horses by natasha beddingfield (or how Ever u spell it) is the the anthem for horses. You can’t go on YouTube, search “horses” and NOT fine that song with some clips of running horses. I mean really! I still love the list.

  24. I was very disappointed not to see any songs from the albums of Wiley Gustafsen [Wiley and the Wild West]. He has one entire album dedicated to horses. What a shame; this is a present day person who truly loves horses and all they represent to all of us. How did you decide what songs to place on your list?

  25. How about “Ride On” by Celtic Thunder, “”A Horse Called Music” by Randy Travis. “Wild Horses” by Garth Brooks, and a few more by Chris Le Doux and Johnny Cash’s “Tennesee Stud”? OH! And MOST of the songs of Templeton Thomas, especially, “Girls and Horses”!!

  26. You forgot one of the best horse songs. “Stewball”
    Stewball was a race horse
    He wore a high head
    And the mane on his foretop
    Was as soft as silk thread etc 5 more good verses

  27. I like the songs #s, 22, Mr. Ed., 03,Comanche,#06, Strawberry Roan, #10, Back In The Saddle Again. I grew up with some of the songs. I use to have Strawberry Roan on record, Back in the Saddle on tape. I had some Johnny Horton songs but I’m not sure if Comanche was one of them.

  28. I think the song Beer For My Horses, was a cute song, I had a horse that liked beer and daiquris.
    She was my trick horse, a pretty neat horse.

  29. WHY CAN’T WE HEAR THE SONGS??? I like Arlo Guthrie’s work, but Arthur Sutherland collected I RIDE AN OLD PAINT. See THE AMERICAN SONGBAG, by Carl Sandberg.

  30. I’d like to be able to hear the songs too. I had a retired race horse that liked to drink Corona beer. Gave it to him only as a special treat and not much of it either. Too funny.

  31. 1)A horse that can fly and 2)Girls & Horses…. both by Templeton Thompson, 2 of the best songs to listen and ride! I cant believe they are not mentioned in the 30!!!!

  32. The greatest race horse song I ever heard was played on a local radio station about 25 years ago. I’ve tried all my life to locate the song (I’m almost 70)… artist unknown. The recurring line in the chorus was, “Alongside Upset and the Great Man Of War.” any info would be appreciated if someone remembers the song. thanx, moze@ptd.net

  33. Just a few to add on, Stewball by Peter, Paul and Mary Tom T Halls, Pinto the Wonder Horse and a Great song i found on Youtube Called The Parson and Dan Patch.

  34. I’m down here in N’awlins, LA and one of our local singers…Lee Dorsey…had a good hit with his song,
    “Ride Your Pony”. Also the old instrumental which has become a standard for High School Marching bands to play in Mardi Gras parades, “The Horse”.
    Lastly, Chubby Checker’s song, “Pony Time”.

  35. No horse song list is complete without “There’s a Golden Sun a’Settin’ Where the Mountains Meet the Sky” Doesn’t anyone know that song?

  36. Dad wants a old country song about trying to shoe a horse, and by the time it was said and done the horse ended up under the car where the two men were able to finally shoe the horse. He heard it ONCE ON XM RADIO, he said it was funny. Does any one know the song and the artist? If so, where can I get dad a copy from?

  37. I have NEVER heard this song before or the name but i love other different songs but my friend has heard this song before and she can’t find it so HELP HER OR ELSE!!!! JK JK JK JK JK

  38. 70 years old – been looking all my life for a race-horse song I once heard… only line I recall is: “Alongside Upset and the Great Man of War.”… anyone have info on that song e-mail moze@ptd.net… thanx

  39. I love the Tim Spencer song, Two-Seated Saddle and a One Gaited Horse, sung by Dale Evans. But basically every song the Sons of the Pioneers sang about horses were awesome. I’m just a teenager and I love their music!!!

  40. “When the gun smoke settles we’ll sing a victory tune and we’ll all met back at the local saloon. We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces singin wiskey for my man, beer for my horses.”

  41. I always considered the little ditty at the end of “The Roy Rogers Show” a horse song, though short. “Happy Trails to You” Don’t forget the heartfelt Jim Reeves song,”The Blizzard”, all about he and his pony Dan; “Cowboy Man” by Lyle Lovett, rodeo life, “Which Way Does That Old Pony Run” also by Lyle Lovett. There are more, but I’d have to look up the artist. Anyway, good list.

  42. I heard a song on a country station by a female singer and it goes like this: “What is it? What is it about girls and horses.” Really sweet song.

  43. You could include : “The Horse Told Me” sung by Bing Crosby from the movie “Ridin’ High” from the early fifties.

  44. Storm – the Saddle Club
    Any really by the Saddle Club. They’re a pretty babyish TV show (though I still love it at 12) but they have some really good songs about horses.

  45. Wildfire! My art teacher selected that song for me for our current project. He said he thought I’d like a song where I could draw horses.

  46. Lyle Lovett
    If I had a boat, I’d go out on the ocean. And if I had a pony, I’d ride him on my boat. And we could, all together, go out on the ocean. Me up on my pony on my boat.
    And he has excellent reining horses so he knows of what he speaks.

  47. My friend made a chant that says ” I said we’re tough and strong, and mighty like a horse” you say that a few times

  48. Looking for the name of a song and the artist.
    The lirics go something like this.
    Beneath his was a firey black stallion and loping was a bay. It is a song about a cowboy ho lost his wife.

  49. Looking for a song shot on racing horses, and with lyrics like’ like a tiger in a cage, like a mystery’s final page’. Great if I could get the song and the singer.

  50. Here’s an astounding story song that will leave a lump in your throat by the end: John Stewart “Mother Country” “It’s E.A. Stuart and the Old Campaigner”

  51. Last Trip Home by The Battlefield Band. A song about the Clydesdale horses and how they’re no longer needed to work the farm

  52. Molly and Tenbrooks (different spellings), about a real horse race in 1876 between a horse from Kentucky (Tenbrooks) and one from California (Molly). Covered by a lot of artists, my favorite is Townes Van Zandt, Live from the Whole Coffee House and on YouTube


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