7 Excellent Horse-Inspired Tunes


Winter typically means more time indoors, but don’t let that dampen your free-riding equine spirit. Why not instill an equine mood in your home this winter by selecting some excellent horsey tunes? From movie soundtracks to country music, there’s bound to be the perfect horse-themed background music out there, waiting to be played in your home (or on your smartphone or in your car, for that matter). In no particular order, consider:

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Soundtrack (Hans Zimmer)

The soundtrack of the beautiful and wistful movie really is beautiful and wistful–and everything else. From up-tempo rock numbers to poignant ballads to a breezy and powerful score, this soundtrack has something for everyone. Features music by acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer and lyrics and vocals by Bryan Adams.

Wild Horses (Garth Brooks)

This is the heartfelt tale of a rodeo cowboy who wants to settle down and be responsible, but can’t because his love of riding “wild horses” keeps dragging him away. Originally released in 1990 on Garth Brooks’ blockbuster No Fences album, the song made it to country radio as a single in 2000 as a re-release.

Rodeo Moon (Chris LeDoux)

Despite being low on cash, two married rodeo competitors strike out on the road to seek another place to ride. This song has great visuals, from patching up floorboards in the horse trailer, to loading up her “barrel pony.” Find the Chris Ledoux version on the appropriately-titled album “Horsepower.”

Dreamer Soundtrack (Michael Lang)

While on the racehorse theme, how about the soundtrack from the 2005 film Dreamer? This gem is truly a delightful soundtrack with beautiful strings, soft melodies, and just a touch of bluegrass here and there. Excellent office or study music.

Stewball (Peter, Paul, and Mary)

For a”folksy” sound, try the Peter, Paul, and Mary version of Stewball–a ballad about a historical racehorse that won a considerable number of races in Ireland in the 1700s. It’s fun and cute, but beware, it features a get-stuck-in-your-head tune!

Beer for My Horses (Toby Keith and Willie Nelson)

While we always recommend traditional good clean water for your horse, this song definitely delivers an up-tempo, wild-west feel that will keep your boots tapping. (Trivia: Toby Keith also does a version of Rodeo Moon on his Unleashed album.)

Happy Trails (Roy Rogers and Dale Evans)

Any song that includes actual horse hoof beat noises as part of the percussion deserves to be on any list of “horse songs.” Saddle up with this delightful–if brief (1:40!)–classic and put yourself in the horsey mood while you plan next year’s trail ride.

Tell us about your favorite horsey song in the comments. Happy trails!

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