Homemade Horse Treats: Oatmeal Carrot Crunchies


    Treat your horse to some homemade oatmeal carrot crunchies!


    Click here to get the recipe

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    1. I was taught that cooking and baking for someone is a labor of love. I bake cookies for my horse once a week. Initially, the reason I did this was to ensure that my horse was getting delicious, nutritious ingrediants and not too much sugar. Now, I find myself baking them because it is another way to connect with him, even when we aren’t together. He loves the cookies I bake him. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure he knows they’re homemade. I share them with our barn family too – other horses (with owner’s permission of course)and they are a huge hit. Even our puppy-dogs love ’em. So far, his favorite is an oatmeal, carrot, and molasses recipe similar to the one featured here, but I keep modifying and trying new things so neither one of us gets bored. No, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my baby. His birthday is June 1, so I have plenty of time to learn how to bake him a horsey birthday cake!

    2. Found it cheaper to actually purchase horse cookies than to buy all the stuff and take the time to make them. Walk in Tractor Supple, Walk out, feed to horses!


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