Let’s All Go on a Trail Ride!


    Do your group trail rides often include brief flirtations with disaster? Mine do. About once a month my like-minded friends and I meet at a pre-selected trail site, along with our trusty steeds. Sometimes it’s a local staging area; other times it requires a caravan of horse trailers to reach our destination. Despite our decades of experience in the saddle, and the unwavering reliability of our horses, these group rides invariably include some degree of calamity. Fortunately, it’s never anything traumatic. It’s just enough of a silly circumstance to make the day memorable.

    Just in case you’d like to ride along, I’ve created an illustrated diagram. It includes actual misadventures from my many years of group trail rides. See if any of them have happened to you:

    Click image below for fullscreen version

    Let's Go on a Trail Ride



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