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We horsewomen often have a difficult time finding love, let alone a lifelong partner. Too many men seem to feel threatened or downright jealous of the time and devotion we dedicate to our riding and our horses. Finding a love match can sometimes seem as likely as finding a rainbow-hued unicorn.

However, if you’ve been fortunate enough to lasso a fellow, this quiz will reveal how well he really knows you. Hopefully the answers will also elicit a few laughs from the two of you, and that can only be a good thing, right?

Couple with a horse

1. It’s your weekly date night. As always, your horsewoman, or “HW,” sets the mood by wearing:
A) A slinky black dress
B) Luxurious cashmere
C) Silk and pearls
D) Her “good jeans”

2. On impulse, you surprise your HW with a small token of your love. You bring her:
A) Several fresh donuts
B) An armful of wildflowers
C) A poem you wrote
D) A jar of horse cookies

3. If you were blindfolded, you’d still recognize your HW because she always smells faintly of:
A) Roses and honey
B) Her favorite shampoo and lotion
C) Cinnamon and peppermints
D) Saddle soap and fly repellent

4. As a Valentine’s day gift, you purchase an expensive ID-style bracelet for your HW. What will she have engraved on the bracelet’s tag?
A) Romantic words from Shakespeare
B) The place and date you first met
C) Her initials and yours, linked by a heart
D) The name of her favorite horse

5. You discover your HW in the backyard, mumbling to herself as she runs, hops and twirls around. You assume that she’s:
A) Reliving her ballerina phase
B) Playing with her “secret friend”
C) Learning another wacky fitness fad
D) Rehearsing reining patterns

6. If you gave your HW $100 to spend however she pleased, she’d spend it on:
A) Designer sunglasses
B) A visit to the day spa
C) New stiletto heels
D) Hay

7. You truly love your HW, and embrace her world. But you really could’ve gone through life without ever knowing:
A) DIY sheath cleaning.
B) How to identify ascarids and strongyles.
C) The odor of really bad thrush.
D) All of the above

8. Once again, you accompany your HW to a horse show. You’re prepared to spend the day:

A) Sitting in the bleachers, cheering her on
B) Working on your laptop between her classes
C) Hiking on the nearby trails
D) Holding her horse

Scoring: The correct answer for each question is D, although if you’re in love with a horse-crazed woman, you already knew that.

Guys, keep this quiz in mind if you ever consider bolting for greener pastures. While horsewomen can be headstrong (or spirited like a Thoroughbred), as a whole I think we’re also loyal, dependable, patient and kind-hearted. Plus, our relentless devotion to horses provides countless humorous scenarios, and we’re certainly not above laughing at ourselves. So add a sense of self-deprecating humor to the traits shared by most horsewomen. When it comes down to it, who else would you want as a partner as you ride through life?

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During her lengthy show career on the hunter/jumper circuit, Cindy Hale won more than 20 medals for hunt seat equitation. She currently serves as a judge at local and regional open horse shows.

This article originally appeared in the February 2015 issue of Horse Illustrated magazine. Click here to subscribe!


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