Quiz: What Horse Breed are You?

A just-for-fun, very-unscientific quiz to find out which horse breed your personality is most like.


Every horse is an individual to be sure, but over the years, horse folks have come to lovingly recognize some cliché characteristics that may seem to occur in certain breeds. With that in mind, take this just-for-fun, very-unscientific quiz and see which horse breed your personality is most like.

You just heard a loud, scary noise. How brave are you?

  1. Whatever it is, I’m not waiting around to find out.
  2. Today it doesn’t bother me. Tomorrow it might.
  3. Let’s investigate the noise. Might be food.
  4. What noise?

What is your attitude about food? Would you like a snack right now?

  1. Yeah, let’s dig in!
  2. I’m hungry, but not for that food.
  3. I already ate, but sure, why not?
  4. Okay. Whatever.

You just walked past something you’ve seen a thousand times. What goes through your mind?

  1. Monster!
  2. Yesterday it wasn’t scary, but TODAY IT IS!
  3. Does it have food in it?
  4. That’s a wheelbarrow. I’ve seen it a thousand times.

What is your attitude about exercise?

  1. Let’s go! No pain no gain!
  2. I’ll do it as long as it isn’t uncomfortable.
  3. Let’s have a good time! Work is fun!
  4. If you’d like me to work, then okay. Otherwise I’ll just relax.

Do flies bother you?

  3. No, I can eat through anything.
  4. You’re right, there are a lot of flies. I hadn’t noticed.

You’re at a horse show. What is your favorite class?

  1. Halter, of course.
  2. English pleasure.
  3. Lead-line.
  4. I wouldn’t mind just staying here, but if you want to go, that’s fine.

You’re on a trail ride. Do you ride English or western?

  1. I can do either!
  2. English, of course.
  3. Versatility is the name of the game.
  4. How about I just carry your gear?


If you answered mostly A’s, you’re an Arabian. You’re athletic and energetic, but somewhat timid and high-need. Because of this, you sometimes have trouble channeling your energy into the right paths. But your charm and charisma means that you make friends easily.


If you answered mostly B’s, you’re a Thoroughbred. You’re athletic and workmanlike, but you can sometimes be picky about things. Your fussy ways mean you sometimes miss out on some of life’s good experiences, so try and stay loose.

Welsh Pony

If you answered mostly C’s, you’re a Welsh Pony. You’re full of spunk and fun-loving, but you also have a lazy streak. Food is important to you, but so is having a good time. You might need to work on focusing on the task at hand and not get so easily distracted.

By Just chaos – originally posted to Flickr as Shire, CC BY 2.0

If you answered mostly D’s, you’re a Shire. You’re gentle and quiet and agreeable, but you’re leadership skills might be a tad weak. You often depend on others to make decisions, but once a goal is clear, you’re dependable.

Disclaimer: This quiz is intended to be just in fun, and not a serious representation of any horse breed.


  1. This was cute but gets a big fat ZERO for lumping all Arabians as timid and high-need. I would suggest the author spend some more time with actual working Arabians and he might find they fit closer to what he thinks TBs and Welsh ponies are like.

  2. I was a mix of all – must mean I’m a Quarter Horse – charming, athletic, hard working, fun loving, quiet & gentle 🙂


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