The 5 Best YouTube Channels for Horse Lovers


YouTube is filled with free videos covering any interest under the sun. The challenging part of having so much content at your fingertips is being able to filter through the fluff and find valuable, up-to-date footage worthy of your time. Fortunately, there is quite a bit of good equine content out there if you know where to look.

First, take a minute to check out Horse Illustrated’s channel for informative videos on specific horse breeds, various riding disciplines, careers in the horse industry, and practical riding tips demonstrated by industry professionals.

Looking for a few more channels to enjoy during the cold months? We have scoured YouTube and teased out five other excellent channels for horse enthusiasts.


1. Julie Goodnight:

On her channel, professional horse trainer and educator Julie Goodnight shares countless training videos to help improve your horse’s behavior and your riding skills. She also offers short, easy to digest “Quick Tips,” explaining topics like how often to replace your helmet and the best way to clean a saddle. Click here for Julie Goodnight’s YouTube Channel.


2. United States Dressage Federation:

Fascinated by all things Dressage? We are too! Be sure to check out the The United Sates Dressage Federation’s (USDF) channel. You can watch videos with judges explaining scores during an example test, entertaining videos of professional Dressage riders, as well as educational video clips from Dressage clinics. Click here for USDF’s YouTube channel.


3. Evention TV:

This channel is the creation of a pair of enthusiastic professional event riders and trainers, Jimmie and Dom Schramm, and it’s one of our favorite channels for all things horse-related. We aren’t their only fans; they have over 70,000 subscribers. Here, you’ll find instructional videos such as how to fit your horse for the perfect saddle, how to load your horse on a trailer, and how to develop your horse’s topline, as well as just-for-fun clips with titles like, “How Horses Eat their Food” and “The Difference Between Horse People and Regular People.” Dom’s hilarious rap spoof, “Dressage Skillz,” is not to be missed. Click here for Evention TV’s YouTube channel.


4. USEF Network:

The United States Equestrian Federation’s (USEF) channel will keep you up to date on current equestrian news from around the country. They share dozens of exciting clips, with show highlights and interviews from USEF Network live broadcasts. Click here for USEF Network’s YouTube channel.


5. Horse Rescue Channels:

Looking to support or adopt a rescue horse? Several worthy horse organizations have channels showcasing equines available to foster, sponsor, or adopt. HorseNet Horse Rescue’s channel features videos of rescued and rehabilitated horses available for adoption from their Maryland non-profit facility. Kentucky Horse Rescue highlights similar videos of adoptable horses being handled and ridden. Finally, Real Horse Rescues, an original series documenting real horse rescues, shares inspirational videos about horses recovering from mistreatment and the horse’s power to transform our own lives.

Be sure to bookmark this list for the next time you’re searching for some equestrian know-how, expert riding tips, equine adorableness, or all of the above, without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Julia Arnold is a writer living in
Minnesota with her husband and two young children. She has always loved
horses and is thrilled to have officially rejoined the horse world as an
adult. She rides whenever she can at Hardwood Creek Farm in Hugo,
Minnesota. You can follow her adventures in riding and parenting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.



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