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Tab Pigg
Edited Press Release

Keeping horse’s hooves in optimal condition is a hot topic among horse owners and enthusiasts. Theories and misinformation abound and are regular complications when contemplating hoof care. Vettec understands the need to provide better education on this topic. To meet this need, they are offering an informational video series called ‘2 Minutes with Tab’. In ‘2 Minutes with Tab’, Tab Pigg discusses basic anatomy and hoof function along with common misconceptions on hoof care. Tab provides the audience with simple solutions and how-to instructions on common hoof problems including; laminitis, founder, thrush, thin soles, under run heels and WLD. Vettec is offering this video series free on their site at www.vettec.com/2MT.

Tab Pigg began his career shoeing horses in 1983. “As a Certified Journeyman Farrier, I’ve shod all types of horses from everyday ranch horses to athletic event horses. I’ve seen countless therapeutic cases that have given me valuable experience” says Tab. “What is most important to me is sharing what I’ve learned and ‘2 Minutes with Tab’ allows me to share my knowledge and experience with a large audience of horse owners, enabling me to help improve a horse’s quality of life.”

Tab has held various positions in the Texas Professional Farriers Association and became their president in 2000. He served as an AFA examiner for 16 years and has competed in many forging and shoeing competitions. Tab has worked for Vettec as a technical specialist for the last 10 years. Over the past three decades, Tab has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience which allows him to provide valuable insight on hoof health.

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About Vettec
Vettec manufactures hoof care products that allow your hoof care professional to successfully complete hoof repairs, glue on shoes, and create instant shoes and foal extensions. Vettec’s instant pad materials promote heel and sole growth, eliminate thrush, protect and support the equine foot. Visit www.vettec.com to learn more.


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