Coat Color Enhancers


    Starlets, super models and high school prom queens aren’t the only ones savvy to the proper application of make-up these days. Have you noticed the wide array of spray-on color enhancers for horses that are available at major tack stores? That’s right: If your horse is blessed with a set of white stockings, now you can make his legs sparkle with a dose of white powder spritzed from a spray can.

    Roan western show horse

    But it doesn’t stop there. Colors include two shades of sorrel red, black and gray. While practical use dictates that a horse with a temporary blemish could benefit from a spot paint job before entering the show ring, some show horses are subjected to makeovers as part of their preparation. Paints, for example, sometimes have their contrasting patches of colors highlighted by, well, a temporary paint job.

    Don’t worry, though. These spray-on colors are as harmless as kindergarten water colors. They are easily removed with a damp brush or a shower. (While most show organizations permit color enhancement, it’s always a good idea to check your show rules before using a product.)


    1. I found that it was a great idea to mention that the spray on colors won’t hurt your horse and “are as harmless as kindergarten water colors.”

    2. I think that coat enhancers are a great idea as if horses are butiful enough as they are it is cool that you can make them that much more butiful.

    3. I recently tried using a color enhancing shampoo called Quic Black for my dark bay mare and it didn’t work at all but it did work on her tail. The only thing it did was make her bleached spots more noticable. I really don’t recommend this produst because it didn’t work.

    4. i have a paint who is mostly white and very hard to clean, i don’t know what i would do with out white color enhancer!!! i love it it works great:)

    5. White color enhancers are part of both my horse’s show ring prep. I don’t know what I’d do without them, because whitening shampoos just don’t cut it!

    6. I have a very dark bay most of the time black. He is to do a commercial and need to fade out some brown spots. What is the name of some of these spray on products and can u order on line?
      Thanks for any information

    7. @ Kim,
      Most of the time you can order on line.
      Some of these products are called HORSE SPRAY PAINT, WORLD CHAMPION PEPI PRODUCTS, there are quite a few different ones so just google or bing it :-{ ) Hope that hopes

    8. I think I’ve heard of these color enahancers and I believe it was at Atwoods one day but the only coat enahancer I’ve ever used us Show Sheen.


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