Downloadable Horse Health Records Chart

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Basic Chart
Detailed Chart

Keeping track of your horse’s routine health care is one of the best steps to ensuring his lifelong wellness, but it can also be a challenge. Between deworming, hoof care, dentistry and veterinary visits, there’s a lot to remember.

Download our horse health record charts by clicking one of the thumbnail images to the right. The charts will put all of your horse’s essential health information right at your fingertips whenever you need it. Choose the detailed version if you manage several horses or keep your horse at a boarding stable and want all of the important contact info kept along with his records. If you only manage your own horses at home, choose the basic version.

Keep these records filed along with other important information such as your horse’s Coggins tests, health certificates and registration papers, and you’ll always have the info you need on hand.

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  1. You can print it when you click on the document it will open in to a PDF file on the bottom there is a printer icon click it 🙂 Hope that helps

  2. I’m currently working on one for our lesson barn, but a medical chart for a horse being treated for a particular ailment would be a good one to have. At our stable, I have clipboard/whiteboards hanging on each stall. The whiteboards have the horses name, food, turnout, and any special notes — such as “missing shoe – leave in”. The clipboard part holds a medical chart if the horse is being treated for something. The chart includes the name of the horse, stall #, owner, vet, all phone numbers, ailment (including body part if necessary), medications, dosage information, med start/stop dates, observations and so forth.
    The other side of the chart is written up as a duplicate of the whiteboard, in case you don’t want visitors reading your medical charts. You just clip the medical chart to the clipboard backward and upside down and then write the information on the back.


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