The Right Shoer


Before choosing a farrier, make sure he or she has the professional knowledge to do the job. Check references, investigate education/training and ask about professional association membership.

In addition to professional knowledge and skill, your relationship with your farrier is critical to ensuring healthy feet. When it comes to personal attributes, The American Farrier’s Association suggests you research the following before deciding on a farrier:

  • How does the potential farrier treat clients?
  • Does the farrier always arrive on the day and time scheduled?
  • Will the farrier treat you and your horse with respect and consideration?
  • Is the farrier willing to answer your questions and share knowledge so you’re aware of problems as they occur?
  • Will the farrier keep shoeing/trimming records on your horse?
  • Will the farrier discuss approaches to horse handling techniques?

Taking the time to choose the right farrier will ensure a beneficial relationship for you and your horse.

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