Video: White Line Disease

How to treat white line disease in your horse's hooves.


In this installment of “Two Minutes with Tab,” Certified Journeyman Farrier Tab Pigg explains how to treat white line disease. This fungal infection can cause serious problems if left unchecked. Contact your vet or farrier immediately if you notice signs of white line disease in your horse.

Certified Journeyman Farrier Tab Pigg is a technical specialist for Vettec and has been a professional horse shoer since 1983. For more helpful information from Tab, visit his blog at

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  1. I had an episode of white line disease this fall with my horse, this video explained everything the same as my vet and farrier explained, my horse actually required a resection, but he is doing well, all the infected tissue was removed. Great video, thanks.

  2. Thank you for a good video. I am glad the farrier, explained everything, and even to the fact the horse, was moving around a bit, because he was a young horse.

  3. My next questions is, should you be sealing that off with either a 7% iodine solution or some thrush buster to make sure nothing else starts up?


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