September SmartPak SmartTip of the Month: Keep Your Horse’s Hooves Healthy

Hoof Trim
Photo by Anjajuli/Shutterstock

Thumbs up: Supporting strong, healthy hooves all year round

“No hoof, no horse” is a phrase that all horse owners can agree on. Your horse’s hooves are his foundation, so keeping them healthy and strong is essential no matter what time of year it is. Along with regular professional maintenance, plenty of exercise and other management, proper nutrition and healthy circulation play vital roles in hoof health. Daily support from key ingredients is a smart way to help ensure your horse is always ready to step up to the challenge.

Thumbs Down: Leaving your horse’s hoof health out to pasture

While your horse’s hoof growth may slow down during the winter, it doesn’t stop completely. That means that your horse’s hoof support shouldn’t stop, either. Because hooves grow at an average rate of ¼” per month, the growth that you see at the coronary band now is the hoof that will be supporting your horse next summer.

Whether your horse is barefoot or shod, working with a knowledgeable hoof care professional is key to ensuring your horse maintains healthy, well-balanced hooves. Along with setting up a regular hoof maintenance schedule and sticking to it, there are other things you can do this season to help your horse put his best foot forward now and in the future. To learn how to battle fall and winter hoof health challenges from the inside and outside, check out SmartPak’s blog.



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