Horse Illustrated Writer’s Guidelines


Horse Illustrated Writer’s Guidelines

Welcome to Horse Illustrated, one of the nation’s largest all-around equine publications. For freelancers wishing to write for the magazine, please read the Horse Illustrated Wrtier’s Guidelines carefully.

We are looking for reader-friendly pieces with a conversational tone, shorter word counts (500 to 1,200) and topics to add dimension to the magazine’s regular training and horse care features—human interest, lifestyle, fashion, travel, equestrian issues—both large (welfare) and small (boarding barn drama!)—plus humor, first person stories, and more.

On our wish list:

  • Training articles that can apply to both western and English riders (1,000 word or less). Horse health—our readers always request more!
  • Horse care how-tos, including grooming and instructables
  • Trail riding topics
  • Fresh ways to approach perennial topics, such as deworming, senior care, fly control, seasonal care.
  • Interviews with celebrities that ride or own horses; fun and quirky Q&As with “big name” riders as well as short profiles of interesting people in the horse world.
  • Humor; first-person pieces; human interest stories; rider-to-rider advice.
  • Equestrian travel and tourism.
  • Rider fitness, health & well-being; diet, exercise and tips for riders.
  • Style trends and décor for equestrians.

Expand on your ideas so we can see your specific angle for the piece and what you propose to cover. Include ideas for expert resources to interview where appropriate. A good pitch letter is an opportunity to show your writing skill and demonstrate that you have an understanding of our magazine and audience.

For new writers and contributors, it’s even better to query with a completed manuscript.

We always appreciate knowing if quality photos are available to accompany your story, and photo/text packages are welcomed. Please send your article pitches via e-mail to; for large files or attachments, please share via a link such as Dropbox or Google drive.

Beyond the Horse Illustrated Writer’s Guidelines, we also offer writer’s guidelines for Young Rider magazine and photographer’s guidelines and photo tips for both publications at our main Submission Guidelines page.


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