Trailer Tips


• Lubricate the hitch ball with some sort of grease. Never let it get dry.

• Remember to shut windows to prevent rain from getting into the trailer when it’s not being used.

• Always hose off floors and mats if a horse urinates on them and clean out your trailer after each use.

• Spray WD-40 on hinges every once in a while.

• Keep an equine first-aid kit in the trailer or truck at all times.

• If you haven’t used the trailer in a while, check the lug nuts on the wheels to make sure they are tight.

• Make sure you have the correct tool for unfastening the lug nuts if you have a flat tire.

• Travel with a trailer jack.

• Invest in a mobile phone if you are going to be trailering horses.

• Always carry a 5-gallon container of water; you never know when you’ll need it for the horses.

• Pack an extra halter and lead rope in the trailer for each horse—just in case!


  1. Thanks for Sharing! It is indeed important to always be prepared to keep your horses safe. A tough built horse trailer should be an investment you would consider.
    Dav Wayman


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