All Dolled Up


Whether you’re 9 or 49, you probably still enjoy playing My Pretty Pony with your horse. You can have fun grooming your horse by using some of the creative grooming products available.

For example, if your horse’s mane needs help in lying on the correct side, band or braid it using brightly colored elastic bands. If you’re particularly patriotic, alternate in red, white and blue bands. If you want to express your inner flower child, use purple, lilac and pink. Since the funky little bands come pre-packaged in colorful assortments, there’s a color palette to fit your every mood. Then, if you’re the rowdy or trendy type, give your horse the equine version of a tattoo. Use a pre-cut stencil or create one of your own and then comb the design into your horse’s coat with a mane comb and some styling gel. Putting stars, hearts or clovers on your horse’s hindquarters is a cute stamp of affection. Finally, if you—or your horse—enjoys putting on the glitz, opt for a temporary sheen by applying a shimmering coat spray. It’s not a gauche metallic shellacking, but rather a very faint dusting of sparkles—just enough to let your horse’s natural beauty shine through.

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