Stop a Barn Fire Before it Starts


Unfortunately, preventable barn fires claim the lives of horses every year. Keep your barn safe with these fire prevention tips:

  1. Ban smoking in and around the barn.
  2. Install an alarm and sprinkler system.
  3. Keep the barn clean, and clear any dry brush within a 50-foot radius.
  4. Avoid using unsecured heat lamps or heaters, and never use them near bedding, hay or other combustibles.
  5. Store hay and bedding away from the barn.
  6. Check with your fire department regarding placement of fire extinguishers and hoses.
  7. Don’t store any gasoline-powered equipment or flammable chemicals in the barn.
  8. Have an electrician check your electrical system on a regular basis, and keep all wires, switches and outlets well away from curious equines.
  9. Install a grounded lightning rod system to protect your barn during electrical storms.



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