Emergency Blanket Repairs


If your horse has managed to rip, tear, shred or otherwise mangle his blanket in the midst of a cold snap, here are some things you can do to hold it together until you make it to the tack store or procure a replacement.

Step 1: Sew the blanket with a large needle and dental floss. Yes, dental floss! It may not look pretty, but it’s sturdier than regular thread, and the large needle is easier to push through the thick material. Heavy-duty needles can be purchased at drug and fabric stores. Keep the needle and floss on hand at the barn.

Step 2: Keep Scotch Guard or another type of waterproof spray nearby during winter months as well. Spray it over sewed spots. While it won’t restore the ripped blanket to its previous resistance, it can help in the short term.

Step 3: Save straps and buckles from old blankets. To temporarily keep the blanket in place you can attach an old strap or buckle when your horse rips his off.

Step 4: If there’s no blanket repair service in your area, here’s an alternative: For big jobs (like strap attachment) try taking your cleaned blanket to a local shoe repair shop. They have heavy-duty sewing machines to sew through hefty winter blankets and will usually charge a reasonable amount (call and ask if they’re willing, and obtain a price quote ahead of time).


  1. Here is another idea, I have used duct tape to cover the tear. Then I sew the edges of the duct tape to the blanket. This helps the tape stay in place and the duct tape helps keep the water out. It needs to be warm and dry when applying the duct tape, so I recommend bringing the blanket inside.

  2. thanks for the tips, i already knew that dental floss was strong but i didn’t think to use it on blankets. I’ve used it to repair leather like my riding boots.

  3. For those of you in the Rochester, NY area – check out The Stitchin Post – she does a really good job on blankets – she washes and repairs them – my mare is great at ripping them. Call her 585-303-1542

  4. I also have rolls of “Duck Tape” around, to patch up rips when I can’t get proper repairs. I put a layer of tape on the inside of the rip and the outside. It lasts quite well until real repairs can be made.

  5. Im so lucky my mare is very careful with her blanket! Hasn’t ripped or damaged it at all, and she is out 24/7
    Great article, will keep in mind if she ever does rip it.


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