Blanket Style Guide


With the vast array of blankets on the market, it’s not always simple to pick the right one.  Use these guidelines to help you decide what kind of clothing your horse needs for the weather where you live.

    Choose an appropriate style for your horse’s living conditions:
  • Turnout sheets and blankets are built to handle the weather and rough and tumble of outdoor living.
  • Stable sheets and blankets are intended for the sheltered confines of a stall.
  • Lightweight with no fill
  • Made from cotton, nylon or polypropylene
  • Provide three-season versatility with light warmth for in-between weather
  • Can be used to keep horses clean
    Select appropriate weight for your climate, based on fill weight.
  • 100 grams or less – lightweight
  • 200 grams – midweight
  • 300+ – heavyweight

Learn more about blanket technology here.


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