How to Compost and Use Horse Manure

Compost Manure

If you care for horses on your own place then you have, no doubt, wondered about what to do with that huge mound of manure and stall waste generated by your horse. In fact, one horse can create a serious pile in no time – one horse produces about 50 pounds of manure per day, over eight tons per year. Add to that the eight to 10 gallons of urine a horse generates in one day and the wheelbarrow or more of bedding you use each day. You can see that in no time at all you will have a virtual manure mountain!

Composting horse manure is an excellent manure management technique, especially useful for backyard or small farm owners. Larger horse facilities or those using equipment (tractors) to manage their composting process can also develop a composting system. Design help for larger operations and additional manure management assistance is available from your local conservation district. Individual consultants may also be able to help you assess your manure management options and resources.

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Document provided by King County, Washington.




  1. This article is so helpful! I have tried making a compost pile in my backyard for grass clippings, etc., but I was having issues with it not heating. Now I know I just need to make it bigger!


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