Hay Buying: Cost Comparison


Horse Illustrated MagazineLocal feed stores are the lifeblood of horse communities, and it’s important to support them as much as we can. However, buying small quantities of hay every month or so can generally increase the price you pay for hay every year.

Regional difference in hay prices can vary greatly, but here’s an example. Plug in figures that are realistic for your area to estimate your costs.

If you have two horses eating 20 pounds of hay each per day, they will eat 14,600 pounds of hay in a year. Divide 14,200 by 2,000 pounds (the weight of one ton), and you’ll need 7.3 tons of hay per year for two horses.

Feed Store Prices:
-7.3 tons=292 bales weighing on average 50 pounds each.
-292 bales x $5 each = $1,460 (approximately $122 per month)
-7.3 tons = 195 bales weighing on average 75 pounds each
-195 bales x $7 each =$1,365 (approximately $114 per month.)

Buying Large Quantity Through a Dealer:
-7.3 tons x $170/ton delivered = $1,241 (approximately $103 per month)

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This article originally appeared in the October 2006 issue of Horse Illustrated. Click here to subscribe.



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