Seasonal Horse Care Checklist


Each season brings a unique set of horsekeeping challenges and considerations. It’s up to horse owners and caretakers to adapt to their horse’s changing needs. Download a seasonal checklist as a reminder of what you need to do to keep your horse happy and healthy throughout the year. We’ll be adding new checklists for each season through 2011.

You will need a document reader that can open .pdf files in order to download these files. Go to to download Adobe Reader for free.



Winter Horse Care Checklist
Click image to download


Spring Horse Care Checklist
Click image to download


Summer Horse Care Checklist
Click image to download


Fall Horse Care Checklist
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  1. This checklist is great! It’s good to have a way to keep track of all that needs to be done after the brutal winter, to get ready for the fair-weather riding.

  2. I like the article, however, I was only able to download three of the checklists. The one for fall, which I really wanted, didn’t work. When I clicked on it to download it sent me to a list of prior articles!!??

  3. This is great info to post in the barn for boarders. It alerts owners to the needs of their animals all year ’round, and although we( stable owner) are doing what you have posted here, it is a silent homage. I love to have educational material posted in my barn. It can’t hurt.
    Also I liked your daily feeding charts…well done. …thank you for making this material available.


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