Get a Grip on Chicago Screws


There isn’t a more disconcerting feeling than realizing that your reins have become disengaged from your western bit because the Chicago screws have come undone. Even if you thought you’d twisted them into infinity, the things can slowly untwist. Here’s how to make sure you’ve secured them. First, make sure the screw end–or male part–is appropriately long enough to fit through the leather of your reins. Next, dab a bit of household white glue or a drop of clear fingernail polish onto the screw. Finally, before the substance has a chance to dry, align and secure both ends of the screw together. Press the leather together so that it is compressed with each turn of your screwdriver. The little bit of glue or nail polish will aid in adding grip to the threads of the screw and will help ensure that your reins stay attached to your bit.


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