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    Wick Buildings can give you the equine building you've always dreamed of

    Many people can swing a hammer, and anyone can go to a lumberyard, buy materials, and put up a building.  The difference between a professional and a “Pick-up Pete” is knowledge.  Knowledge of construction practices, safety measures and the specialized knowledge needed to successful build for the safety and well-being of animals.  Specifically horses.

    At Wick Buildings, we understand the critical design elements of building for horses.  We base our system in what a horse wants and needs to feel safe, secure and to be as healthy as possible.  Together with state-of-the-art engineering and an attention to detail you won’t find with many of our competitors you’ll get the building you have always wanted at a fair price. 

    The Perfect Equine Building
    Ask ten people to describe the perfect equine building and you’ll get ten very different answers.  That’s why Wick Buildings offers a full spectrum of options to make your stables, barn or riding arena extraordinarily safe, beautiful, functional and efficient.

    Your dreams and ideas teamed up with our expertise equals the perfect building. Built for You!

    • Stall Barns
    • Horse Stables  
    • Riding Arenas
    • Equestrian Facility 
    • Run-in Sheds
    • Hay Storage
    • Viewing Rooms
    • Living Quarters
    • Tack Closets

    “From the instant we met the Wick Buildings team; we knew they were the kind of company we could recommend to our customers whole-heartedly.  The design creativity and quality construction they make available to horse owners is simply unmatched in the equine industry.” – Clinician Ken McNabb

    When you choose Wick Buildings for your equestrian building partner you’ll get the building style and features to reflect your individual tastes as well as assure the safety and health of your animals.  

    We’ll help you pick the perfect combination of features and options so your facility will reflect your personal style, plus a layout to maximize the convenience and safety of the people caring for the horses.

    Wick’s exclusive, computer-designed super trusses, pressure-treated columns and screw-fastened roof and siding panels ensure that your building will stand up to the toughest weather conditions…and the most aggressive horses.

    For assistance and more information, please contact us, request information, or find the wick builder nearest you.


    1. How can someone with very little get one of these buildings. Even the simple ones are too expensive. But I am a co-owner of over 70 acres and I own a horse, would love to own more but cannot afford a barn to house them all in.


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