True Gifts


    This time last year, another horse was at the top of my wish list. Now that I have Chance, that wish has come true. While there are definitely a few things I’d like Santa to leave in my tack locker, some wishes just can’t be beribboned, wrapped up or gift-boxed:

     -A Healthy Horse. Despite their size, horses can be the most fragile, accident-prone creatures. I’m grateful for my horse’s health and will do everything I can to ensure his continued wellness. With a caring barn staff, I know there is someone looking out for Chance 24/7. I’ve got a great farrier to keep his feet sound, and we have some of the best veterinary resources available here in Lexington for both routine and emergency care. Still, a healthy horse is a true gift.

    -Continued Progress. With support from our fantastic trainer, Megan, Chance and I are learning so much together. In and out of the saddle, we are getting to know each other, building trust and establishing a bond. The smallest things can mean so much, whether it’s a response to my half-halt or a nickered greeting. I wish for many more of these moments to come.

    -A Lasting Relationship. I’m planning on many years with Chance. While good care in the beginning lays the foundation for longevity, there’s no denying that careful attention in the golden years makes a difference. If you have a golden oldie in your life, be sure to read “Aging Gracefully” (pg. 22) for a vet’s tips to keep your senior equine going strong. And, take time to appreciate and enjoy your time with these old friends.

    While I am enjoying the adventure of my new, young horse who is so full of possibilities, I am also full of gratitude for the wise, older equines that came before him in my life.  

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