Pasture Watch List


Prevention is better than any cure when it comes to poisonous plants. Often, by the time you know a horse has been poisoned, he is too sick to recover. You also have no idea how much a horse has ingested if you do find him sick. The best way to keep your horse from being poisoned by plants at home is to manage your pasture so that safe plants thrive and toxic ones never get established. Hundreds of species of trees, bushes, grass and weeds are toxic to horses, but the following nine are among the deadliest in the United States.

**For the full article, pick up the March 2007 issue of HORSE ILLUSTRATED.**

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  1. Great information; however, I can’t find a list of SAFE trees to plant in my pastures. Please help me out. I have learned a lot about poison plants & trees and have put that information to good use. But I can not seem to find a reference list of trees that are safe to plant for in horse pastures.
    Thank You for any help you may offer.


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