Precision Turning


Mastering the rollback turn is a fundamental necessity for any aspiring jumper or equitation rider, says hunter/jumper trainer Greg Prince from his Woodridge Farm in Sherborn, Mass.

“A well-executed rollback allows you to show off your riding skills in an equitation class,” Prince explains. “The turn may be presented as an option on course, but the winning competitor always demonstrates a precisely-planned rollback. And you certainly can’t beat the clock in even a low-level jumper class without riding those tight inside turns.”

Prince, who has coached numerous riders to regional and national equitation finals, begins teaching the components for a rollback turn early in a rider’s career. “In anything other than a maiden equitation class, you’re going to see rollback turns on course, so riding these turns needs to be part of every rider’s basic skills.”

A successful rollback turn involves a combination of skills—precise flatwork, jumping and turning, jumping on an angle and planning lines. Before you attempt these difficult turns, bolster your confidence by practicing each component separately.

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