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So many times we fall in love for all the wrong reasons. Just as it happens in human relationships, with horses we’re often initially attracted by appearances or preconceived ideas. All too frequently people buy horses based on looks or because they automatically assume they have to buy a certain breed to achieve show-ring success.

In their daily lives, Linda and Pat Parelli routinely meet horse owners who have challenging horses. Many times, these owners don’t understand their horses’ unique personalities—or “HorsenalityTM,” as the Parellis refer to it. When people don’t know what makes their horses tick, they have no idea what their horses need, or how to bring out the best in them.
With this in mind, Linda Parelli has spent over a decade working on the Parelli Horsenality Model, a diagnostic tool used to discover a horse’s individual Horsenality by charting specific behaviors. After much revision, the final product was just released to the public late this past summer.

Pat Parelli explains that a horse’s “Horsenality” is shaped by four major things: innate characteristics, learned behavior, environment and spirit. Once you can pinpoint your horse’s Horsenality, you will know how to be the leader he needs.

**For the full article, pick up the November 2007 issue of HORSE ILLUSTRATED.**

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  1. I loved the article, but had a difficult time finding the Parelli Horsenality Profile Chart that I needed to print. Can somebody email it to me. Thank you,
    Grace Bouchoucha
    4H Horse Club Leader, Conover, NC


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