Horse Illustrated 2007 Article Index


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Feature articles appear in bold; the month and page number are listed; columns and departments contain the following abbreviations:

(SS) -Skills and Solutions
(EA) -English Arena
(HH) -Hat to Hoof
(MH) -Making Headlines
(LH) -Life With Horses
(LR) -Life of Dr. Riley
(TT) -Training Talk
(VC) -Vet on Call
(VF) -Vet Files
(WR) -Western Roundup
(YU) -You Tell Us
(UF) -Up Front

Break in Your Show Gear (WR), D. Rudin, February:12
Shades of Spring (Trendy styles)(HH), HI Staff, April:90
Fashionable Footwear (Equestrian-themed footwear)(HH), T. Wilson, June:112

A Good Foundation (AQHF programs)(UF), L. Moyer, January:10
Building a Solid Future (New Canaan Mounted Troop)(MH), February:8
Saving Lives: One Thoroughbred at a Time (Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation)(UF), C. McFarland, March:14
Soaring High with Help from America’s Horse Cares (AQHF:Therapeutic Riding)(MH), L. Munniksma, March:18
New Claim to Fame (AQHA Hall of Fame and Museum)(MH), K. Olean, June:15
Mustang Challenge (Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge)(MH), T. Wilson, June:15
NARHA Horses for Heroes (MH), T. Wilson, July:16
Mustangs Go to College (Mustangs in equine studies program)(MH), S. Biggs,July:17
Halter Horse Association Forms (Conformation Horse Alliance), A. Pavia, August:12
USEF Initiates Equine Disaster Relief Fund (MH), T. McAllister, November:8
Thoroughbreds Rewarded Off Track (NATBS North American Series Award)(EA), K. Olean, November:18
Winner, Mustang Makeover (Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge)(WR), December:14

What’s in a Barn? (LR), May:116
Think Small (Barns on small acreage), L. Chaudier, September:28
Ride at Home (Build your own arena), S. Biggs, September:38
Home on the Strange (Maintaing a home with horses)(LH), C. Hale, October:28  
Gimme Shelter (Building suitable shelter)(SS), K. Stewart, November:70                 

Champion Cloned (WR), February:14
A Foal Safe Plan (Foal environment), C. Mcfarland, March:70
Spring Mix (Foaling)(LR), L. Riley, March:90
Breeding Concerns (VOC)(VF), N. Loving, March:24
Special Delivery (Mule gives birth)(MH), October:8

Pride of the Plains (Nokota), K. Stewart, January:44
Island Survivor (Abaco Barb), K. stewart, February:58
Silver Linings (Quarter Horse; Silver Spur Award), C. Hale, March:54
Classical Revival (Andalusion/Lusitano), S. Biggs, April:74
A Fine Ride (Paso Fino), C. McFarland, May:70
Top Performer (Hanoverian), S. Biggs, June:70
Mules: The Original Hybrid Vehicles S. Christie, July:70
Far and Away (Connemara Pony), S. Biggs, August:58
Taking it All in Stride (Missouri Fox Trotters), L. Munniksma, September:58
Lost (& Found) in Translation (Native Horses of Japan), T. McAllister, October:58
Color Coordinated (American Paint Horse), C. Hale, November:54
Small Treasure (Shetland Ponies), S. Biggs, December:70

Calling All Vets (Shortage in veterinarians), A. Dickson Finn, January:24
Pony Up College Cash (Education), L. Munniksma, January:30
Learned from Horses (YU)(Subsribers stories), January:34
Feel the Love (Women Luv Horses, Lynn Palm event)(MH), T. Wilson, May:16

Debunking Deworming Myths S. Biggs, May:36
Perpetual Pests (Attack of the flys)(LH), C. Hale, July:36
Leading the way to Greener Pastures (Enviro-friendly fly control), T. McAllister, July:68

Show Tails (Braiding), S. Biggs, May:90
Make Your Mark (Quarter marks), A. Heintzberger, June:102
Speed vs. Spa (Time spent grooming), C. Hale, August:28
Great Clips (Clipping tips), A. Eldridge, November:32
Clipper Guide (Clipper models), T. McAllister, November:39

Show Off Your Horse (EA), C. Hale, January:19
Score More! (Dressage tests), S. Biggs, March:62
Gaited Event (Three-Phase Event for Gaited Horses)(MH), T. WIlson, April:12
Odds Against (Riders overcome challenges), A. Eldridge, May:46
Distance Counts (NATRC distance only classes)(WR), T. Wilson, May:24
Future Success (USEF young rider tour)(EA), June:20
Trial By Judge (LH), C. Hale, June:32
Experience It All (AQHA Regional Experience), L. Moyer, June:34
Strike a Pose (Showmanship), J. Nice, June:50
Behind the Lens at World Cup C. Hale, July:20
Paint by Numbers (2007 World Championship Paint Horse Show)(MH), T. McAllister, Septmeber:12
Tapestry of Memories (Ribbons turned into quilts)(LH), C. Hale, September:26
FEI Suspends Amy Tryon (EA), A. Eldridge, October:18
Anticipate the Moment: AQHA Congress (WR), K. Olean, October:22
New Events at AQHA World Show (WR), T. Wilson, November:14
Olympians to Ride in the Rose Parade (EA), T McAllister, December:18
Eventing Safety (UF), A. Eldridge, December:20

Trailer Accident Tragedy (MH), January:12
Make an Emergency Plan (Evacuation)(MH), January:12
Judge Says No to Slaughter (MH), M. Myers, April:10
Unwanted Horses (UF), C. Hale, May:14
Ongoing Endurance Research (VF), May:32
Finding Stolen Horses (UF), K. Stewart, July:12
Battle Over Horse Slaughter Controversy (MH), T. McAllister, August:6
Caring for Our Historic Herds (Corolla wild horses)(MH), T. McAllister, September:10
Slaughter: Are voices uniting? (MH), T. McAllister, December:8

Ain’t Misbehavin’ (LH), C. Hale, January:28
Loose Horse! (LR), L. Riley, January:70
Patience (LR), L. Riley, February:74
It’s a Sickness (Horse crazy)(LH), C. Hale, March:22
Strange and Wonderful (Horses and their owners)(LR), L. Riley, June:110
Earning Her Stripes (Zebra patient)(LR), L. Riley, August:76
Hair You Go (Rider hair for show), C. Hale, September:18
Youngsters (Training foals)(LR), L. Riley, October:76
Ouch! (Injuries on the job))(LR), L. Riley, November:78

Fear (YU)(Subscriber stories), April:16
It’s Never Too Late … (Older equestrians), K. Stewart, June:60
What Completes Her (Profile eventer Lauren O’Brien), A. Eldridge, August:64
The Adoption Option (Equine adoption organizations), J. Nice, September:48
Driving for Surviving (sharingVillage program for pediatric survivors), T. McAllister, October:8
Family (YU)(Subscriber stories), October:14
Personality Plus (Parelli’s horsenality chart), C. McFarland, November:26


Cold Sweat (Cooling out your horse)(VF), January:23
It’s a Dog World (Dog breeds by riding discipline), L. Munniksma, March:80
Trading Places (Switching disciplines), C. Hale, May:56
Claremont Closes (Claremont Riding Academy)(MH) T. Wilson, July:18
Must Love Dogs … and Horses (Canines and equines together), L. Munniksma, July:58
Lingo (Equestrain talk)(LR), L. Riley, July:90
From the Heart (How horses feel humans’ emotional state)(VF), T. McAllister, August:20
Letters from Camp (LH), C. Hale, August:22
Horses in Harmony (2007 Photo Contest), HI Staff/S. Fibelkorn, September:16
Singer and Clinician Team Up (Profile Chris Cagle)(WR), T. Wilson, September:22
Oh, He’s So Beautiful (Horse beauty)(LR), L. Riley, September:76
Game On (Moutned games), M. Myers, October:46
A Nation’s Love Affair with Racing Thoroughbreds (Thoroughbreds in the media)(MH), T. McAllister, November:6
Jump Design (EA), C. Hale, November:18
Whatever Happened Too … (Equestrain friends of the past)(LH), C. Hale, November:24
The Best Christmas (LH), C. Hale, December:28
Have a Very Horsey Holiday (Editorial gift guide), HI Staff, December:30

Confounding Grass Founder S. Christie, March:34
Pasture Watch List (Poisonous Plants), L. Chaudier, March:42
Feed Change (VOC)(VF), N. Loving, April:26
Obesity in Horses (VF), October:26
Senior Servings (Nutrition for older equines), N. Loving, October:30
Getting Through Drought (Hay and pasture alternatives)(VF), December:26
Test Your Supplement Savvy K. Briggs, December:36


In Case of Emergency (Evacuation plan), K. Stewart, April:32
Caution! Horses (Horse hazards), L. Riley, May:108
Helmets (YU)(Subscriber stories), July:32
Brain Power (Helmet safety), S. Biggs, October:38
I’ll Get the Gate! (Handle gates on horseback), J. Nice, October:52


An Ode to Farriers (LH), C. Hale, February:22
Lamesness Lament (LH), C. Hale, April:30
Hoof Essentials A. Pavia, June:82
Late Season Hoof Care (Q&A)(VF), T. McAllister, October:26

Are Spurs for You? J. Nice, February:52
The Western Way (Cleaning western saddles), J. Nice, May:100
A Quality Bit (WR), D. Rudin, June:24

Compact Tractor (Buying tips)(HH), L. Chaudier, February:66
Load ‘Em Up (Trailer Loading), C. McFarland, April:42
Schooling Chaps (EA), C. Hale, July:22
Today’s Trail Saddles M. Myers, July:80
Sliders and Keepers (Tidy tack), C. Hale, August:16
Tack Online (Selling tack online)(SS), L. Chaudier, August:24
Natural by Design (saddle pads)(HH), T. McAllister, October:70
Perfect Fit (Choosing the right blanket), T. McAllister, December:46
Frosty Paws (Glove and boot guide)(HH), L. Munniksma, December:80

Herd-Bound Help (Horse fears being alone)(TT)(WR), T. Falcone, January:20
Downhill Dilemma (Bucking down hills)(TT)(WR), T. Falcone, April:18
Top 10 Trail Tips (LH), C. Hale, May:34
Fit for Trails (Conditioning)(WR), D. Rudin, May:22
Trail Tune-up (TT)(WR), D. Rudin, July:24
Save Our Trails (Keeping trails open), J. Nice, July:38
Trail Problem Solver (Solutions for horses with trail problems), M. Myers, July:50
Truck and Trailer Accessories L. Chaudier, August:68
Trail Runaway (TT)(WR), T. Falcone, November:12

A Walk to Remember (Walk gait), S. Biggs, January:62
He Brakes for Jumps (TT)(EA), C. Hale, January:18
Polo Primer (Polo basics), C. Hale, February:30
Find the Perfect Square (TT)(EA), S. Biggs, February:16
Positioned for Cross-Country Success (TT)(EA), A. Eldridge, March:26
Proper Leg Pressure (EA), S. Biggs, March:26
Ride to the Jump (Jump approaches), C. Hale, April:60
Straight Shot (Dressage centerline)(TT)(EA), S. Biggs, April:22
Know Your Toes (Foot position in stirrup)(EA), C. Hale, April:24
Secrets to Saddleseat Success M. Myers, May:80
Beat the XC Clock (TT)(EA), A. Eldridge, May:26
A Hunter Frame (TT)(EA), C. Hale, June:18
Halt, Salute! (Dressage salute)(EA), S. Biggs, June:20
Are you Horse Show Challenged? (Overcome show disasters), C. Hale, June:42
Get Collected (TT)(EA), S. Biggs, July:22
Precision Turning (Rollbacks), A. Eldridge, July:44
Balanced Approach (TT)(EA), A Eldridge, August:14
The Art of the Halt (Hunter and dressage halt), S. Biggs, August:42
Developing Shoulder-In (TT)(EA), S. Biggs, September:18
The Path to Flying Change (Lead changes), C. Hale, September:64
Secure Your Slipping Leg (TT)(EA), C. Hale, October:16
Well Adjusted (Strides), A. Eldridge, October:64
Saddle Up for Eventing (Eventing saddles)(TT)(EA), A. Eldridge, November:16
Posting to Perfection (Huntseat and dressage), C. Hale, November:46
The Lazy Jumper (Correct flat jumpers)(TT)(EA), C. Hale, December:16
Steady Hands (Ride with still hands)(EA), S. Biggs, December:16
Stretching for Success (Long adn low training), A. Eldridge, December:54

Banish Biting C. McFarland, January:36
Lessons to Spook Less (Desensitize), C. McFarland, February:36
Mounting Manners (EA), S. Biggs, February:18
Building a Sound Future (Starting a youngster), N. Loving, April:66
Leading Models (Leading horse advice)(SS), A. Eldridge, April:82
Ending Codependence (TT)(WR), D. Rudin, September:20
Overcoming Equine Behavior Issues (VF), November:20

Bit by Bit (Bit Dilemmas), D. Rudin, January:50
Stand Still! (WR), D. Rudin, January:20
Set to Spin (TT)(WR), D. Rudin, February:12
Lope Easy (Slow lope), J. Nice, March:46
Cue Speed Between Barrels (TT)(WR), J. Voigt, March:30
Two Hands on the Wheel (Riding with two hands)(WR), D. Rudin, March:30
Slow Ride (jog), D. Rudin, April:52
Hand to Mouth (Correct hand position)(WR), D. Rudin, April:18
Bend It Like A Pro (Pole bending), M. Myers, May:62
Moving Forward (Forward motiong)(TT)(WR), D. Rudin, May:22
Breed Specific (Western breed show)(TT)(WR), D. Rudin, June:24
Better Back Ups (WR), D. Rudin, July:24
Working in the Bosal (TT)(WR), D. Rudin, August:10
Pivot Pointers (WR), D. Rudin, August:10
Pattern Perfect (Showmanship pattern), J, Nice, August:50
Keep it Going (WR), D. Rudin, September:20
Making Time with Better Turns (Narrel turns), M. Myers, September:70
Bit by Bit (Western bits)(TT)(WR), L. Vogt, October:20
Softer Stops (WR), D. Rudin, October:20
Cow Work (WR), D. Rudin, November:12
Leg Up on Performance (Leg cues), D. Rudin, November:50
The Weighting Game (Shifting weight around barrels)(TT)(WR), J. Voigt, December:12
Braking Point (Spur stops)(WR), D. Rudin, December:12
Ready to Roll (Rollbacks), D. Rudin, December:76

Holiday on Horseback (Vacation quiz), M. Birks, February:24

A Legendary Farewell (Gem Twist)(EA), February:18
On Barbaro (LR), L. Riley, April:8
The Race They Cound’t Win (Barbaro)(VF), M. Heflin, April:28
Hollywood Legacy (Hollywood Dun It)(WR), K. Olean, July:25
Loss of a Legend: John Henry 1975-2007 (MH), K. Olean, December:10

In Darkness and Light (Equine Recurrent Uveitis), J. Morris, January:56
Mistreating (Nutrition)(VOC)(VF), N. Loving, January:22
Colic Basics L. Riley, February:44
Good Jump Start (growth plates of young horse), (VOC)(VF), N. Loving, February:20
A Private Matter (Sheath Cleaning)(SS), N. Loving, March:84
Abscess Prevention (VF), March:24
Outbreak Prevention (EHV)(VF), T. McAllister, March: 25
Shoe Boil Prevention (VOC)(VF), N. Loving, May:30
Downhill Upshot (Muscles research)(VF), N. Loving, May:30
Shivers Explained (VOC)(VF), N. Loving, June:28
Standing Wraps (Step-by-step instruction)(SS), J. Posnikoff, June:94
When Rattlesnakes Strike (VOC)(VF), N. Loving, July:26
Reprieve for Cushing’s Horses (Pergolide removed from market)(VF), T. McAllister, July:28
Sweet Dreams (Equine sleep cycles)(VOC)(VF),N. Loving, August:18
Surgical Procedures (Equine surgery options), C. McFarland, August:34
Giving Vaccinations (VOC)(VF), N. Loving, September:24
Ammonia Fumes (Ammonia smell in stall)(VOC)(VF), N. Loving, October:24
Prognosis for Cow Hocks (VOC)(VF),N. Loving, November:20
Laminitis Trigger Factors (VF), T. McAllister, November:22
Twister warning (Shoes with trailers)(VOC)(VF), N. Loving, December:24


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