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(BB) Barn Buzz
(TG) Trail Guide
(EA) English Arena
(WR) Western Roundup
(VF) Vet Files
(PS) Parelli
(DR) Life of Dr. Riley
(MH) Making Headlines
(HH) Hat to Hoof

Mud Control Tips from You (VF), February, p.28
How to Shop for a Utility Vehicle (HH), February, p.62
Greener Pastures (MH), March, p.10
Ground Rules for a Healthy Pasture, March, p.72
Spring Cleaning Around the Barn, L. Chaudier, April, p.92
It’s a Cinch (tack care) (WR), D. Rudin, May, p.26
15 Tips for Fly Control, A. Pavia, July, p. 55
Fencing Made Easy, L. Chaudier, August, p.60
Have a Healthy Barn, L. Chaudier, September, p.48
Trailer Troubleshooting, K. Stewart, September, p.58
Tips for Fuel-Efficient Towing, October, p.68
Winter Work Zone (winter barnwear)(HH) H. Werner, October, p.87
Cover Up! (blanketing guide) J. Nice, November, p.32

From Out of the Cold (Icelandic Horses) A. Pavia, January, p.46
A Sporting Chance (Arabian Sport Horses) K. Stewart, p.56
Golden Charm (Haflinger) S. Biggs, March, p.58
Smooth Groove (Peruvian Paso) A. Pavia, April, p.76
The Elegant Athlete (Holstiener) C. Hale, May, p.70
Shire Horse Endangered? (MH) K. Abbott, June, p.18
Noble Ability (Friesians) T. McAllister, June, p.68
Horses of the Eastern Seaboard (Chincoteague Pony, Carolina Marsh Tacky, Banker Horse, Sable Island Horse, Florida Cracker Horse) S. Biggs, July, p.46
Thoroughbreds Chase Cans, Earn Points (western TB) K. Abbott, August, p.38
From Every Walk (Tennessee Walking Horse) M. Myers, August, p.70
Quarter Horse Legends, S. Biggs, September, p.68
Spanish Heritage (Spanish Mustang) A. Pavia, October, p.71
Go for Baroque (Lipizzan) S. Biggs, November, p.47
Draft on Tap (Belgian Draft) S. Biggs, December, p.46

Fire in the Canyon (MH), T. McAllister, January p.10
Ike’s Fury (MH), T. McAllister, December p.12

Lipizzan horses (MH) January, p.12
Next Equestrian Star (EA) February, p.18
Q&A with Genevieve Cortese (MH) K. Abbott, April, p.20

Winter Spa Day, J. Nice, February, p.52
Big Hair, S. Biggs, April, p.62
Groom for the Winning Edge, A. Heintzberger, June, p. 52

Dutton’s New Allegiance (EA) A. Eldridge, January p.18
Hunters Go High Performance (EA) C. Hale, January, p.18
Winner of 2007 Best Remuda Award (WR) February, p.22
Small But Mighty (Horse of the Year Theodore O’Connor) (MH), March, p.10
7 Great Reasons to Tour the Bluegrass (BB) March, p.16
Austrian Reining Master (WR), March, p.22
Painted Hall of Fame (WR) March, p.22
Musical Score: Van Grunsven Triumphant in Debut of New Freestyle (EA) H. Werner, March, p.25
On to Hong Kong (EA) T. McAllister, April, p.30
Cutting Against Cancer (WR) K. Abbott, April, p.34
The USEF Has Something for Everyone (MH) T. McAllister, May, p.14
Equestrian to Make History at 2008 Olympics (Hiroshi Hoketsu) (MH) T. McAllister, May p.14
Unanimous Champion (DA Valentino-Supreme Arabian Champion) (MH) K. Abbott, May, p.17
2008 World’s Greatest Horseman (Russell Dilday NRCHA title) (WR) T. McAllister, May, p.28
Singpore to Host First Youth Olympic Games (EA) T. McAllister, May, p.32
Olympic Show Jumpers Make Hall of Fame (EA) H. Werner, May p. 32
Trail Trotters Step it Up (TG) K. Abbott, May, p.36
Inagural Event Promotes Reining (National Reining Championship) (WR) T. McAllister, June, p.28
Under British Reining’s Rule (WR) S. Biggs, June, p.28
National Trails Day (TG) K. Abbott, June, p.36
Zero Tolerance (FEI doping rules) (MH) T. McAllister, July, p.12
Rolex Wrap-Up (MH) T. McAllister/H. Werner, July, p.14
Promoting Mustangs (Mustang Challenge/Extreme Mustang Makeover) (WR) T. McAllister, July, p.26
Exclusive Olympic Preview (UF) T. McAllister, August, p.18
Olympic History Lesson (UF) T. McAllister, August, p.19
Olympic Moments, A. Eldridge, August, p.24
AQHA-Approved Classes at Open Shows (WR) K. Abbott, August, p.38
Ponies and Pigtails Galore (USEF Pony Finals) (EA) T. McAllister, August, p.42
10,000 Hours in the Saddle (APHA Ride America) (TG) August, p.46
Endangered Breeds Festival (MH) K. Abbott, September, p.18
Destination Equus Kentucky Elite Farm & Events Tour, K. Abbott, September, p.28
Driven to Succeed (Chester Webber) (EA) T. McAllister, September, p.34
Eventing Safety Summit (EA) H. Werner, September, p.34
Reining World Championships (WR) K. Abbott, September, p.37
Ride & Tie’s Youngest Winner (TG) A. Griest, October, p.25
Collegiate Reining Championships (WR) A. Griest, October, p.28
Hello, Dolly! (Western States Mustang Challenge)(WR) K. Abbott, October, p.28
Reining Triple Threat (Wimpys Little Chic)(WR) K. Abbott, October, p.28
The Puissance Returns to WIHS (EA) Phelps Media, October, p.32
Winning Record for Paint Horse Pair (WR) A. Griest, November, p.23
Dover Makes Hall of Fame (EA) H. Werner, December, p.23
World Reining Championships (WR) A. Griest, December, p.24
Olympic Rewind, T. McAllister, December, p.32

Garlic Breath (DR), L. Riley, January p.60
Incompatible (DR) L. Riley, May, p.92
Tall Tales (DR) L. Riley, June, p.98
What Matters? (DR) L. Riley, July, p.80
Dr. Riley’s Excellent Adventures (DR) L. Riley, August, p.84
Getting the Job Done (DR) L. Riley, October, p.84
The Next Generation (DR) L. Riley, November, p.82

White Price (MH), February p.8
Teaching Credentials, T. McAllister, February, p.34
Legends x3, A. Finn, February, p.40
Our Best Isn’t Always Enough (DR) L. Riley, Feburary, p.68
Lasting Impression: Bookmarked (MH), March, p.8
First Lady of Lipizzans (MH), March, p.10
Buy a Breyer, Save a Trail (MH), March, p.10
Heart of Gold (equine ambulance)(VF) T. McAllister, March, p.32
Passion! (DR), L. Riley, March, p.84
Hippotherapy and Humans (MH) K. Olean, April, p.14
Preserving Welsh Tradition (MH) T. McAllister, April, p.14
Kentucky Horse Park Receives Top Honor (MH) H. Werner, April, p.16
Barbaro’s Final Resting Place Announced (MH) H. Werner, April, p.16
A Walk in the Park (horsemanship training for park rangers) (TG) K. Abbott, April, p.26
10 Steps to a New Horse Trailer, T. McAllister, April, p.45
A Horse of My Own (DR), L. Riley, April, p.100
AQHA Reaches 5 Million (WR) May, p.28
Barbaro Jewelry Helps Support Laminitis Reasearch (VF) May, p.40
$10K Reward in War on Soring (MH) T. McAllister, June, p.20
Morgans Get $1 Million (MH) K. Olean, June, p.20
Eventing Tragedies Prompt Changes (EA) A. Eldridge, June, p.32
Show Clothes: Splurge or Steal? (HH) HI Staff, June, p.88
Thoroughbreds Help Inmates (MH) T. McAllister, July, p.12
Dressage Champ’s New Challenge (Lendon Gray becomes CEO of The Dressage Foundation) (EA) T. McAllister, July, p.29
Response to Eight Belles’ Breakdown (MH) H. Werner, August, p.16
Q&A with Jane Savoie (BB) H. Werner, August, p.32
Tragic Loss of Theodore O’Connor (EA) H. Werner, August, p.42
What’s Behind the Unwanted Horse Problem? (MH) T. McAllister, September, p.16
A Horse for All Seasons (photography contest) September, p.26
The Exception (DR) L. Riley, September, p.90
Phar Lap Mystery Solved (MH) H. Werner, October, p.21
Triple-E Plan for Endurance (TG) K. Abbott, October, p.25
The Art of Moseying (PS) C. McFarland, October, p.38
Spending Wisely (time- and money-management) L. Munniskma, October, p.79
What’s Black, White and Green (USDF “Going Green” campaign) (MH) K. Abbott, November, p.13
The Art of Vaulting (MH) T. McAllister, November, p.16
Filming Down Under (Australia movie) (BB) H. Werner, November, p.18
USHJA Creates Emerging Athletes Program (EA) H. Werner, November, p.25
Back Country Horsemen of America (TG) K. Abbott, November, p.27
Homemade Horse Treats, L. Munniksma, November, p.64
The Thrill of the Chase (foxhunting) A. Eldridge, November, p.74
Best in Show (doggie daycare at horse shows) H. Werner, December, p.15
Buying American (breeding American Warmbloods)(EA) T. McAllister, December, p.22
Team Roping Debut (WR) A. Griest, December, p.25
The Under-$100 Gift Guide, H. Werner, December, p.72

Nutrition Analysis, T. McAllister, January, p.42
Carb Counting (VF) February, p.28
One to Grow on, March, p.42
Feeding for Healthy Hooves (VF) T. McAllister, April, p.38
Feeding for the Overweight Horse (VF) T. McAllister, June, p.40
Nouveau Nutrition, K. Briggs, June, p.80
Eat to Beat the Heat (VF) N. Loving, August, p.48
Hay Now, K. Baker, August, p.52
Organic Options (VF) T. McAllister, September, p.42
The Brentina Body (Brentina’s weight loss) (VF) T. McAllister, October, p.36

Developing Feel (EA) S. Biggs, February, p.16
Is It Always Good to Go Green? C. Hale, March, p.52
Riding to a Method (EA) S. Biggs, April, p.28
Fixing Flat Class Freak-Outs (EA) C. Hale, May, p.30
Don’t Drop By (EA) C. Hale, May, p.30
Thinking Outside the Arena (cross-training) T. McAllister, May, p.76
Start  Me Up (cross-country start box) (EA) A. Eldridge, June, p.30
Exterior Design (hunter course obstacles) (EA) C. Hale, June, p. 30
Release Program (crest release) C. Hale, June, p.74
Hints for Hunters (EA) C. Hale, August, p.40
Opening Circle (EA) C. Hale, September, p.32
Sizing up a Girth (EA) S. Biggs, September, p.32
Off to One Side (horse and rider crookedness) S. Biggs, September, p.76
Half-Pass Versus Sidepass (EA) S. Biggs, October, p.30
Canter Depart “Don’t” (EA) C. Hale, October, p.30
Jump Into a Clinic, C. Hale, October, p.51
Catch the Drift (horse drifts at jumps) (EA) C. Hale, November, p.24
The Great Divide (riding cross-country ditches) (EA) A. Eldridge, December, p.20

I Wouldn’t Ride That Horse If I Were You (PS) C. McFarland, May, p.42
Get Fit to Ride, P.Bucciarelli, May. p.46
Pre-Ride Checklist (PS) C. McFarland, June, p.42
Get Your Head Together (overcoming fear) P. Bucciarelli, June, p.60
When Emotions Get in the Way (PS) C. McFarland, September, p.44

Protective Boots (WR) D. Rudin, January, p.22
Shake off Show nerves (WR) D. Rudin, February, p.20
Get Back in Balance (WR) D. Rudin, March, p.20
Ride a Buck (WR) D. Rudin, April, p.32
A Chat with Craig Cameron (WR) T. McAllister, April, p.34
Back Straight (teach a horse to back) (WR) S. Collier, May, p.26
A Watchful Eye (western judging) J. Nice, June, p.46
The Thrill of the Drill (drill team) L. Munniksma, July, p.66
Ready to Run (antsy barrel horse) (WR) M. Josey, September, p.36
Harmonize with Your Horse (dressage for western riding) J. Nice, September, p.84
The Power of Perception (read your horse) D. Rudin, October, p.60
Barreling Across the Finish Line (WR) M. Josey, December, p.24
Secrets to Western Pleasure Success, M. Myers, December, p.58

Shift Your Weight (TG) J. Nice, January, p.18
Safe Crossing (TG) January, p.20
Stumbling Down (TG) J. Nice, February, p.24
Check Your Saddle (TG) J. Nice, February, p.24
Lead with Confidence (TG) J. Nice, March, p.26
Treasure Hunt on Horseback (TG) C. Hale, March, p.28
Preserving Our Equine Heritage on Public Lands Act (TG) K. Abbott, March, p.28
In Gaited Company (TG) J. Nice, April, p.24
Mastering the Walk (TG) April, p.24
Get His Feet Wet (TG) J. Nice, May, p.34
Taking it to the Streets (suburban trail riding) (TG) J. Nice, June, p.34
Trail Rider’s Vacation Destination Guide, J. Nice, July, p.34
Safety First (emergency preparedness on the trail) P. Bucciarelli, July, p.40
Crossing Water with Confidence (PS) C. McFarland, July, p.74
Hot on the Trail (TG) J. Nice, August, p.44
Outdoor Education, D. Rudin, August, p.74
Handling a Cliffhanger (TG) J. Nice, September p.38
Training Wheels (desensitizing to bicycles) (TG) J. Nice, October, p.24
Night Rider (TG) J. Nice, November, p.26
Greedy Grazer (TG) J. Nice, November, p.18

Getting Past the In-Gate (EA) C. Hale, January, p.16
4 Fences 7 Ways, HI Staff, February, p.44
Bucking at the Canter (EA) S. Biggs, p.24
Can You Hear Me Now? (EA) C. Hale, p.24
Outsmarting the Occasional Run-Out (EA) C. Hale, April, p.28
In Transition, S. Biggs, April, p.84
Refusals in the Ring (EA) A. Eldridge, July, p.28
Shoulder-In Simplified, S. Biggs, July, p.61

Horse and Human Connection (PS) C. McFarland, January, p.28
Handling the Problem Horse, A. Eldridge, January, p.54
The Fear Factor (PS) C. McFarland, February, p.30
Introverts & Extroverts: Opposite Education (PS) C. McFarland, March, p.80
The Lowdown on Loading Up (PS) C. McFarland, April, p.40
Pony Up! (TG) J. Nice, July, p.22
Get to the Bottom of Bucking (WR) D. Rudin, July p.24
Finding Time for Groundwork (PS) C. McFarland, August, p.80
Is Your Horse Spoiled? (PS) C. McFarland, November, p.80
Dealing with Scary Stuff (PS) C. McFarland, December, p.30
Dressage for Driving, L. Chaudier, December, p.64

Bridging the Issue (WR) D. Rudin, January p.22
Get Sideways, J. Nice, January p.50
Comfort Zone with Cows (WR) S. Collier, February, p.20
Better Barrel Response, M. Myers, February, p.48
Keep a Consistent Lope (WR) S. Collier, March, p.20
Get a Great Whoa, M. Myers, March, p.64
Retraining a Racer (WR) D. Rudin, April, p.32
Get Knockout Boxing Scores, J. Nice, April, p.68
Bending Basics, D. Rudin, May, p.84
Getting up to Speed (barrel training) (WR) M. Josey, June, p.26
Pick up the Pace (showmanship) (WR) D. Rudin, June, p.26
Neck Rein Reminder (WR) S. Collier, August, p.37
Foundation for Neck Reining (WR) D. Rudin, October, p.26
Improve Responsiveness (WR) S. Collier, November, p.22

Destination Equus, HI Staff, January p.34
Adventures Together, S. Biggs, January 38
Cowgirl Getaway, C. McFarland, November, p.68

Salmonella Infection (VF) K. Poulsen, January p. 23
Drinking Water (VF) T. McAllister, January p.26
Vaccinating for Potomac Horse Fever (VF) K. Poulsen, February, p.26
Breeding an Older Mare (VF) R. Rodeheaver, March p.30
Holistic Healing (VF) K. Stewart, March, p.34
Fly Control Inside and Out (VF) N. Loving, April, p.36
New Vaccination Guidelines (VF) April, p.38
Wound Care, L. Munniksma, April, p.52
Muddy Feet (TG) J. Nice, May, p.34
Padding the Issue (horse shoe pads) (VF) N. Loving, May, p.38
Spring Tune-Up, N. Loving, May, p.55
New Thinking on Deworming, T. McAllister, May, p.64
Transport Stress (VF) N. Loving, June, p.38
Weight Loss and Laminitic Horses (VF) N. Loving, July, p.30
Team Management (managing horses’ vet and farrier plans) (VF) T. McAllister, July, p.32
Summer Riding Health Risks (VF) T. McAllister, August, p.50
Late Breeding (VF) N. Loving, September, p.40
Sudden Death (EIPH in eventers) T. McAllister, September, p.40
Swayback Facts (VF) N. Loving, October, p.34
Fall Care Checklist (VF) T. McAllister, October, p.34
Navicular News (VF) T. McAllister, October, p.36
Inside a Lameness Exam, M. King, October, p.42
Prevent Puffiness (swollen legs) (VF) N. Loving, November, p.28
Going Gray (gray horse ancestry) (VF) T. McAllister, November, p.31
Lyme Disease Awareness (VF) T. McAllister, November, p.31
Winterize Your Horse, N. Loving, November, p.54
Winter Break (VF) N. Loving, December, p.26
Insight on PSSM (VF) T. McAllister, December, p.28
Joint Venture, N. Loving, p.50

Does your equine facility accept unwanted horses? (MH) January, p.12
Austrailia’s Wild Horses Under Fire (MH) T. McAllister, February, p.8
Commercial Transport of Equines to Slaughter Act (MH) T. McAllister, February, p.10
NYC Carriage Horse Industry Under Pressure (MH) T. McAllister, March, p.8
FEI Steps Up Efforts to Eliminate Abuse in Show Jumping (EA) T. McAllister, March, p.25
Cruel Traditions (UF) T. McAllister, April, p.12
Promoting Sound Horses (MH) T. McAllister, April, p.16
The Plight of Wild Horses (MH) T. McAllister, October, p.16
Soring Controversy (MH) T. McAllister, October, p.18
Equine Welfare in the News (MH) T. McAllister, November, p.12


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