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    Horse Illustrated December 2009December 2009

    Great Holiday Giveaway p. 3, 4
    Longeing Tips p. 13
    World Equestrian Games News Updates p. 15
    Neck Reining Dos and Don’ts p. 18
    Senior Nutrition p. 29
    Cushing’s Disease p. 29
    Rescue Series p. 49
    Senior Horse Care Message Board p. 64
    HI Spy p. 64


    1. I liked the the suggestions in Tips to Conserve Cash there are all great suggestions, but I would also like to say tack sales are another good one as most have great deals plus there are many stores there which does allow you to compare prices of items.

    2. Have subscribed for years….lost the magazine of just a month or so ago that had a WONDERFUL article about fear….and a referenced book entitled something like….”…Get Over It and Get On”…or something like that.
      Could you PLEEEEEZE help me find that article/email it to me. It was absolutely wonderful right on from all the stuff I’ve read.
      Many, Many Thanks.
      Cheryl Dunkley
      Weatherford, TX


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