Make Helmet a New Years Resolution


How about putting safety first in 2007? If you own a helmet, wear one on your trail rides. If you are the parent of a minor child, insist that they wear one. One family has learned that lesson through tragedy.
On Thursday, Dec. 21, Julia Myers, 12, was riding her horse along the trails of her hometown of Norco, Calif. The horsekeeping community maintains bridle paths throughout the various neighborhoods. According to witnesses, Julia was cantering her horse down the trail. As she approached the street, the horse balked suddenly at the edge of the roadway and stopped abruptly. That sent Julia over the horse’s front end, where she fell in the street and landing on her head, neck and shoulders. The seventh-grader died on Christmas Eve due to severe head trauma. Although Julia had a safety helmet, she wasn’t wearing it.
“Tell your babies to wear helmets,” Myers’ father told the Press-Enterprise newspaper. “You have to be firm. Ground them for a week if you catch them without a helmet.”


  1. I was jumping my horse, Olivia, and she suddenly balked. I flew over her neck, AND over the jump, and landed on my head. Good thing I was wearing my helmet. I would have a big bump on my head. The article made me realize what could happen.

  2. I feel so bad for the family that lost their loved one. I have always wore my helmet, I knew the consquences ofnot wearing one.

  3. I am a 4H leader in Barry County and we require safety helmets at fair, point shows and all 4H workouts. In order to set an example for my students, I wear a helmet when I am on a horse. That helmet has saved me from a couple of potential trips to the hospital. My mom and I are one of the few in my family that wear helmets when we ride. My cousin said it best ” You are the only ones with brains to protect”

  4. I am so sorry!!! i loved this article even though it was sad!! thankyou so much for putting this out there!! i don’t own a horse but i ride and no matter where i go i will always where a helmet!! thankyou so much!!!!!!!!

  5. Totally agree ! I am tired of people who want to ride western so they don’t have to wear a helmet ! Everyone needs to wear one– unless you are in a halter or showmanship class ! I even use one when driving my mini.


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