Thoroughbred Fatalities Down in 2006
The record rise in horses being euthanized after racing or training is stemmed as the industry tries to keep the numbers as low as possible, the Los Angeles Times reports. Read more >>

Firefighters Save Horse Stuck in Mud Pit
Firefighters helped get a 2-year-old mare out of a deep mudhole, KOMOTV reports. Read more >>

Wellington-area Businesses Lose Millions to Outbreak of Equine Virus
The equine herpes virus outbreak is fading away, but the economic pain here is strong after nearly four weeks of horse lockdown, the Sun-Sentinal reports. Read more >>

Clydesdales Make Hundreds of Buds During Palatka Visit
Symphoney is a 10-year-old girl. Rudy is a 5-year-old, 2,200-pound Clydesdale horse. But the meeting went well, as the Budweiser Clydesdales paraded through downtown Palatka, the Palatka Daily news reports. Read more >>

UNR Tracks Mountain Lions for Wild Horse Impact
While doing field research, U-N-R graduate student Meeghan Gray kept coming across the remains of dead horses, generally foals or young adults with trauma to the neck or chest that were partially covered in dirt, KTVN reports. Read more >>

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