Another Celebrity Takes a Fall


Edward Norton claims he’s fine now. Surgery wasn’t required. Rest, massages and swimming are helping him recover.

Like many civilians who ride, celebrities also take a tumble now and then from their mounts. In 2006 both Madonna and Matthew Broderick fell from horses and both suffered broken collar bones. Now, two-time Oscar-nominated actor Edward Norton broke three vertebrae during a riding accident on the set of his current film, “The Painted Veil.” Much of the film was shot in China.
Just before filming began for a horseback scene, Norton began galloping the animal. It isn’t certain whether the horse tossed Norton or he merely slipped off, but he ended up with what seemed like a wrenched back. A trip to a doctor in Hong Kong revealed that he had fractured three thoracic vertebrae.


  1. I think that if a actor/actress can ride responsiblly and in control they should, but if not, they should leave it to people who can.

  2. I think Edward Norton is a very good actor. But I think that actors should be given (or take) riding lessons before engaging any horse in a full gallop. You know what they say: “prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

  3. Not all that interesting…but that’s just me. I don’t follow the celebrities, even those who ride. I don’t see much sense in it.


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