Brumbies Face Round-up


It isn’t just the Mustangs of the western United States who face an uncertain fate. A herd of feral horses in Australia, where a wild horse is referred to as a “Brumby,” is about to be rounded up and disposed of.
The horses are said to originate from stockhorse bloodlines after running wild from an old horse ranch that used to operate in the territory. In 1940, however, the Australian Defence Force took over the land and many of the horses were simply left behind. Local horse owners also took to dumping their unwanted horses on the land, and they interbred with the Brumbies already on the site.
The Department of Defence Greenbank Training Area, south of Brisbane, Australia, is seeking suitable applicants to adopt the horses. An inspector from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) who evaluated the herd has said that in order for someone to adopt one of the horses they will first have to prove that they have experience in handling and training a feral horse with humane techniques. According to the RSPCA, those Brumbies who are deemed unsuitable for relocation or training will be shot.


  1. While I can understand culling the herd if the land cannot support the numbers(hopefully that is what they will do and leave good breeding stock) — I cannot understand why they would shoot horses not adopted. Is Australia too “broke” to humanely destroy the horses with lethal injections?

  2. I’m conflicted while i don’t want any horse to have to be killed, they have a fairly sound plan. Though any horse is trainable it just takes a different methods than it would normally.

  3. Please dont shoot them. Put them to sleep the right way. How would you like to be shot. You people are so inhumane. How can you live with yourself.


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