She Rides a Land Rover?


In the World Equestrian Games last summer, Britain’s Zara Phillips rode her horse Toytown to an individual gold medal in three-day eventing, and helped Britain win a team silver medal. Now the 25-year-old daughter of Princess Anne is appearing in an ad for Land Rover, wearing a slinky white gown that’s been through a tad of off-road mud, just like the Land Rover she’s promoting. The photo was shot by Mary McCartney, daughter of famed Beatle, Sir Paul.

To make sure you don’t think British royalty is slumming it in ads for pocket change, Land Rover is one of the sponsors for Phillip’s equestrian endeavors. Although she’s a distant heir to the throne of England—11th in line to be exact—some royal watchers aren’t pleased that she’d appear in print, hawking a product. Yet the spirited equestrian has far more fans than detractors, so it’s a good bet that she’ll continue to do things a bit out of the ordinary.


  1. Good for her!!!!! She takes away from the stuffy idea that equestrians do not like to have fun and do a good job at it as well!!!! I love it!!


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