Two Rescues Highlight New Year


Eight neglected and malnourished horses were rescued from a farm near Dayton, Ohio on Dec. 21. An anonymous tip led authorities to the site, where several horses were found dead and others were estimated to be 200-400 pounds underweight. While the Humane Society of Greater Dayton is investigating the case, members of a local pony club and a 4-H club are volunteering to care for the animals. The horse loving youths are gaining knowledge about hands-on care while getting a firsthand look at how some people mistreat their animals.

The forlorn horses were first taken to the Butler County Fairgrounds, but the logistics of security at the facility proved difficult. Attending veterinarians and volunteers could not get constant access to provide the round-the-clock care the horses needed. Hence, the horses were moved to nearby Kubicki Equine Centre on New Year’s Day. Eventually the horses will be put up for adoption, but veterinarians supervising the horses’ care say that won’t happen for several months.
In another horse rescue case, a herd of 74 allegedly abused and neglected horses were seized from a farm in Sharpsburg, Md. late in December. The Humane Society of Washington County is overwhelmed with the task of caring for the horses, especially since the rescued equines included broodmares and foals. Fortunately, Days End Farm, a well-known equine rescue facility, has taken over care in 22 of the worst cases. The Washington County Humane Society has also established the Sharpsburg Horse Rescue Medical and Rehabilitation Fund to collect and administer financial donations. Items such as blankets, halters and feed buckets are also sought to help care for the horses. To read more about the horses seized, inquire about making a donation or to learn about Days End Farm, visit


  1. There are too many cases of neglect and animal cruelty. Education doesn’t seem to be enough. Stiffer fines and punishment(s) are needed – yesterday!

  2. I’d like to know why the horses where neglected. Once they figure out why then better steps can be taken to prevent it from happening somewhere else.


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