Who is Killing Canada???s Mustangs?


Two decades ago the herd of mustangs that roam the low mountain ranges outside Calgary, Alberta in Canada numbered more than 1,000. Currently, the scrappy horses thought to be descendants of work and ranch horses from the early 1900s logging industry, has dwindled to a mere 200. Part of the herd’s demise is due to Alberta’s “horse capture regulation” which allows licensed wranglers to track, rope and transport the mustangs throughout the legal season. It’s no secret that most of the captured mustangs go to slaughter, which nets the mustangers about $300 per horse. But now, according to a report from the Edmonton Sun, the herd is facing an unknown enemy.
Sixteen horses have been shot within the last two years, their carcasses left to decay out in the open. Three were found dead on New Year’s Day. In response, the Wild Horses of Alberta Society is offering a $4,500 reward. Local government officials have stated that poaching of the mustangs is illegal and anyone found guilty will be prosecuted. Of course, first the offender must be caught and the quicker, the better. The fear is that the gene pool of the wild horses will become depleted to the point that the herd will be unable to sustain itself.


  1. This has to be stopped! This statement may sound goofy, but IF YOU ARE THE ONE SHOOTING THESE POOR HORSES, STOP NOW! PLEASE!
    Ok. Im done! Later Everyone!

  2. I don’t see why canada’s worrying about the gene pool of the horses when they allow “wranglers” to legally capture horses, and sell them to slaughter. Personally if the horses that where shot didn’t suffer (which unfortunatly they probaly did) they had a far better fate than the ones captured for slaughter.

  3. I think who ever is shoting the poor horses need to be shot themselves. I hope they catch the person responsable soon and put him where he belongs,in jail!

  4. I feel bad for all those horses that are killed for money. I really hope that you will be able to find out who is killing the Mustags before it is too late!


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