Making Strides for Land Conservation


The privilege of riding over open spaces on private land is treasured by equestrians, who across the country are faced with urban sprawl and loss of open space to ride. But there’s some good news about land conservation for horse owners: According to a report released by Land Trust Alliance, state and local land trusts have doubled their conservation acres from 6 million to 11.9 million acres in the past five years – an area twice the size of New Hampshire.

Now, a federal conservation tax incentive may help increase this growth even further. From 2006 through the end of this year, qualified landowners who donate a conservation easement may receive a tax benefit. A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust or government agency that protects resources by permanently protecting it from development.
Although the tax incentive is currently temporary, a coalition of land trust supporters are working to make it permanent.

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