It’s Trendy to Think Pink?


The color pink is gaining popularity with equestrians“Pink is a big color right now,” offers Mike Tell, a sales rep from Hooves and Paws tack store located in Apple Valley, Calif. He gestures to a western saddle that’s undeniably pinked out with a rosy-toned seat made of leather embossed to look like ostrich hide. There’s even a matching bridle that sports pink trim.

When asked if this sort of colorful tack is only for the barrel racing crowd, he explains that while the rodeo riders and gamers were the ones that colored tack originally appealed to, “now pink is finding its way into the show pen in pleasure classes, too, although of course in very subtle ways.”

So what’s the deal with all the pink?

“Well, I think it all started with the ‘Are You Tough Enough to Wear Pink’ campaign,” Tell says, alluding to the charitable movement in the western riding world to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment. “People got used to seeing the color and they liked it.”

And then there’s the ostrich leather. That’s been a favorite choice for western boots, but now the distinctive, dotted leather look is showing up on saddles, too. Tell motioned to a row of synthetic saddles. “Even some of those models are available with ‘ostrich’ seats,” he says.

So, if you’re into this fashion get it while it’s hot; you never know what the next trend may bring.

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  1. I think its ok in the rodeo and speed events because your only being judged on your time. But I don’t think we need anymore fashion trends in competitive showing. Its already to into glitz and fashion, it destracts from the purpose of judging solely the horse and rider. Pink is great and so is breast cancer awarness but it souldn’t be turned into a fashion trend. It would lose the meaning behind it.

  2. I have been asking saddle companies over the years to make a PINK saddle with matching accessories. When I was a young girl, I walked into a local tack store where we lived and there sat a PINK English Saddle. For many days I begged my Grandfather to purchase the saddle for me, but he would always decline. I wish a thousand times and then again that he would have purchased that saddle as my Christmas gift. I am happy to see the saddle manufacturers making these beautiful saddles. Mostly they are done in the brown leather, I have purchased the halters with Pink Swarovski Crystals and absolutley LOVE them for my Gypsy Girls. I am looking into purchasing the Bridle and Breast Collars in the Pink Crystals too.


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