PetSmart Closes State Line Tack


On Feb. 28, PetSmart announced they will be closing the 180 State Line Tack departments inside their stores. The announcement came after their fourth quarter earnings call, in an effort to focus more on products and services for dogs, cats, birds and critters.

With plans to close all departments by Dec. 1, PetSmart will be replacing the space with pet hotels and a broader selection of pet products.

In their announcement, PetSmart states:

The equine business is much different from our core pet product and services business and we are not organized to focus on it. We’ve concluded that exiting State Line Tack and focusing solely on our core pet product and services is the best thing for our business.

State Line Tack first opened as a retail outlet in 1980. It quickly became a leading worldwide catalog operator, specializing in discount brand-name tack, riding apparel and equine supplies. PetSmart acquired State Line Tack in January of 1996.

In addition to State Line Tack, PetSmart will also be closing their warehouse in Brockport, N.Y., which houses their equine merchandise.

The company is currently evaluating strategic alternatives for its equine catalog and e-commerce business, including all the inventory, the State Line Tack brand name, website and the customer contact lists, as well as the facility and store in Brockport.


  1. I am very saddened by this. I purchase a lot of my horse products through them as it is cheaper and the delivery to my door is an added extra. I do hope they will try to keep the catalouge department open.

  2. This is desastrous! In many places, State Line Tack is the only tack shop within reasonable driving distance!! At the very least, they should keep the catalogue and web-retail going…!

  3. This sucks!!! The only other horse store thats close is so pricy!!!! They charge at least 3 times more. PetSmart is also so close. I really wish they wern’t doing this.

  4. Oh no! This is terrible. I love State Line Tack. I can live without the section in the store but when they close the warehouse. I love close by so when I order stuff online and through the catalog it gets to my house very quickly. This is really stinky!

  5. As much as I will miss this part in Pet’s Mart stores, at the same time it was a section void of help. If you weren’t savvy or knew what you were looking for, you pretty much were left in the dark. I will miss the cheaper items. The local store prices theirs 5 dollars on up over what Pet’s Mart charges. Although I think it unwise to get rid of all the departments, there’s not much we can do to keep it.

  6. I think that this is a stupid idea. I think that Petsmart should keep State Line Tack open! It would not be fare to close it from all those equine lovers.

  7. I think that this is a stupid idea. I think that Petsmart should keep State Line Tack open! It would not be fare to close it from all those equine lovers.

  8. That really is too bad.
    Stateline was a place I went for many of my tack and stable needs.
    They were the only place I could find an adjustable Yearling blanket for my filly.

  9. While the staff of SLT was no help whatsoeverwhen buying anything, I will miss their lower prices and higher selection. At least we have till Dec. 1st to make all our last minute purchases!

  10. I am very sorry to hear this news. I frequently purchased items from the store. My hopes are that they will keep the catalogue. We simply do not have many horse supply stores around this area and PetSmart was a convenient inexpensive place to purchase these items.

  11. I think that it is not a very good idea to be closing this department because State Line Tack will most likley have a drop in sales because people will have to order online and pay shipping. I also think that PetSmart will lose some sales but then agian they will also gain some because there are more dog and cat people in the world than horse people (also because horses are soexpensive to keep many people don’t own them and don’t need the supplies fo them).

  12. This will be really hard on us sincee when we go to Petsmart we shop for our:4 horses 4 dogs 2 cats 1 pig and 1 gerbil! This will have a great effect on all of us!


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